Last chance to get Wicked!

It’s almost the opening night for Wicked – and that means our contest to win a Wicked night on the town is almost over! You’ve got until they close today to get down to the Bay downtown and get your ballot in!

In case you need a reminder of what the contest is, here’s what the lucky winner gets:  a full night out downtown!
– a coveted pair of seats to the opening night of Wicked presented by Broadway across Canada.
– pre-show dinner, which you’ll be having courtesy of Hu’s Asian Bistro.
– a brand-new outfit of your choice, courtesy of the Bay downtown. (plus makeup for the gals)
– chauffeur service to and from the show by Five Star Limo Service.

Head to the Bay downtown’s on the main floor to fill out a ballot and win! Ballot box is by the Zellers doors – you can’t miss it!

One thought on “Last chance to get Wicked!

  1. Hi Fran, I am a LOSER for not responding to this email. Major iretnnet service and phone change issues, not to mention big Christmas prep for hubby’s fam visiting. Here are my .02 for what it’s worth: I love Nonna Tata. I am so with you on FW lack of true Italian. You may or may not know that I am an Italian by marriage, so I kinda know from Italian now…probably not to your “pureblood” extent, but anyway. I would like to give the revamped Aventino’s a try, maybe someone can give feedback. Husband had a soft spot for the dad that used to run the place. I understand the daughter has taken over. The menu on the net looks promising??? BBQ: I regret to say my fave bbq is between Mexia and Groesbeck TX at Kirby’s. If anyone is ever in that area, look it up, you won’t regret it. CM: Honestly, it’s just a whipping. Brookshire’s here in Willow Park will cut me custom steaks for a better price and they are great quality. I like to run in for premade pasta salads, potato salads, etc when I need to for time’s sake but other than that I rely on Costco for great produce,great cheese, Belgian beer and the wine selection (posted Wine Advo ratings @ great prices). Mexican: this is a tough deal. I am with you on Mi Cocina and Pappacito fajitas but for pure texmex, I like Dos Molinas, Esperanza’s or El Asadero in the Stockyards. Steak: Del Frisco’s is great but last visit a couple of weeks ago yielded mediocre unpolished service and me sending my steak back. Since when is cold red center medium rare? I will say the food was good. New Restaurant: Button’s is so fun and the chef is a good friend of my dad’s. He is the real deal and I haven’t had a bad meal there. Pot roast, pork chop, chicken and waffles, shrimp and grits- all great. The greens, well, my FIL’s are better IMHO to be completely honest. he makes them with olive oil and garlic- TexItalian soul food. The live music and good service makes Buttons a step above anything else we have in FW in terms of total experience. Destination: Hands down St. Emilion. Other new spots of note: Ellerbe’s was great. I love the emphasis on fresh seasonal cooking with local ingredients. Good fish dishes and great service. Very nice atmosphere but not stuffy to boot. I know this is too broad a category but Asian: I am also a Thai Tina fan. May I also respectfully recomend Lieu’s in little ol’ Lake Worth for great Vietnamese. The locale has been home to a coffeehouse and it retains the cozy vibe. Good prices, fresh food. I don’t know anything about Chinese food other than what I’ve had in San Francisco is nothing like anything available here. Sushi: ditto the Chinese comment. I will say 2 places for good not great and not overly pricey sushi here in FW are Oi Shi in Lake Worth and Japanese Palace in West Fort Worth. Are they fancy. Heck no. but they put out a good product if you are having a craving and they won’t break the bank like Piranha will. Oysters: ditto the Chinese comment. Bar: I have to plug Capital Bar for a nice atmosphere and friendly bartenders. We had a JWC function there and it was a fun evening. I want to try the new place everyone has mentioned (the usual?) Wine Bar: I have been to Winslow’s several times and found it each time to be great. Nice servers, good apps, great atmosphere. Tried Zambrano once with the girls and it was um, OK. My complaint with both places is the preponderance of pizza. If I want pizza I’ll have it on Fri nite with my husband and beer. On GNO, I want fun food, not pizza. Seafood: EDDIE V’s OMgoodness. Phenomenal. Compares to great dining experiences I’ve had in Portland, New Orleans, and San Francisco. Impeccable service, fantastic food, comfy surroundings. Just Yes. Yes Yes Yes. Sorry for the obnoxious long comment. Love to all foodies and love to Fort Worth, my hometown.

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