No Barge? Minor detail.

Winnipeggers are a pretty hardy crowd – I mean, we have to be, going from +40C to -40C every year, right? So we’re definitely not going to let a little thing like high river levels stop us from holding a festival on the river – the intrepid staff at the Forks are just making a few adjustments.

Yes, the 2nd annual Manitoba Lotteries Barge Festival at the Forks is going full steam ahead this weekend – it’s just going to be bargeless.

The whole party, complete with more than a dozen local music acts, is being moved a few hundred feet back from the river to play under the canopy so we can all enjoy some silt-free seating.

Here are the details:

Things kick off Friday the 19th after work with “Franglish” night – you guessed it, English and French performers. Saturday the 20th has music running 12 – 9 and has, no contest, the best-named band: Enjoy Your Pumas. Someday I’m going to find out the story behind that name. Sunday the 21st wraps things up with family day and a Manitoba Stars Attractions Talent Showcase.

All kinds of other info about the acts and schedule right here 

3 thoughts on “No Barge? Minor detail.

  1. Where exactly is “under the canopy”? Is that the Scotia Stage? How long can one park at the Forks near the shopping venue areas while watching these shows?

  2. Lorraine –
    The canopy they’re using is the one in front of the Johnston Terminal – right in the middle of the Forks! As far as I know the parking rules are going to be the same as usual.

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