A Wicked night out downtown!

Am I getting TOO into the show?

I saw piles of you were jumping on the discounted Wicked tickets the other day – awesome deal, right? So since there’s so much enthusiasm, I’ve got something even better for you – a contest to win a Wicked night downtown!

Yes, the prize is going to include tickets to the show – but it’s so much more than that. The winner is going to be treated to a full night out downtown! The winner of the contest is getting a coveted pair of seats to the opening night of Wicked presented by Broadway across Canada. Of course, you’ll need a pre-show dinner, which you’ll be having courtesy of Hu’s Asian Bistro. And you’ll need to look your best, because it IS opening night. So you’ll be going in a brand-new outfit of your choice, courtesy of the Bay downtown. (if you’re a gal, they’ll set you up with makeup for the night of too!) And just to make sure you don’t have to lift a finger, you’ll be chauffeured to and from the show by Five Star Limo Service.

So how do I enter, you ask? Easy! Head to the Bay downtown’s Estee Lauder counter on the main floor to fill out a ballot and win!

4 thoughts on “A Wicked night out downtown!

  1. Thanks for the info Peggy; I’ll enter tomorrow on my lunch break. I love your ‘wicked’ new look by the way. 🙂

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