I Support Lounging

My moment has come – I can finally live the dream of having a lounge chair with my name on it!

That requires a bit of explanation, so I’ll rewind: The Millennium Library’s been a stellar piece of downtown architecture for a decade now, but that gorgeous glass wall at the back has been looking over a construction site. That’s finally coming to an end– the park is getting closer to the book-lover’s paradise seen here.

It can be hard to picture from just these renderings though. So if you head down to the library before August 22nd there’s a MUCH more detailed display there, complete with some of the furniture they’re planning to install. These are not your average park benches – check out the loungers!

That’s where the lounge-chair-with-my-name-on-it comes in. The display is also a chance to help out with the development of the park – all the furniture that’s on display is available for sponsorship, complete with plaques recognizing Winnipeggers who help get more relazing seats, bistro tables, bike racks, and other pieces out there! If you want more info, stop by or click here

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