Poutine for breakfast?

Now there’s something that will get me to rise and shine! Still not rising too early though – I’m one of those people who has trouble dragging myself out of bed when the alarm goes in the morning, and hits snooze until I really have to run. So I love weekend mornings and having brunch instead of breakfast. Sleeping in and getting my first cup of coffee around 10:30 is heaven.

I used yesterday to test out brunch at one of my favourite downtown cafés – Dessert Sinsations recently got into the breakfast business! They’ve got all kinds of AM  classics on the menu – pancakes, French toast, eggs benny, but I was on a mission and went straight for one thing. They’ve got the most amazing breakfast food I’ve heard of – egg poutine. Seriously, why is this the first time I’ve found this in Winnipeg? It’s eggs, served on fries, topped with two kinds of cheese and slathered in hollandaise instead of gravy. YUM. (Sorry, I know I should have taken a picture – but I scarfed it before I remembered to!) FYI If you’re vegetarian or anti-gluten, this place has heaps of options on the menu for you too!

Dessert Sinsations is now open for breakfast from 7:30am on weekdays for your pre-work coffee needs and on Saturdays from 8am.



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