Chinatown Street Festival

Adorable new pets from Chinatown - credit for this cute photo is Cendrine Marrouat's

For those of you who were excited about the lion dancing show at the Chinatown Concert Series the other day, I’ve got great news for you…Chinatown’s having a street festival this weekend!

It’s running Saturday August 6th (12-8) and Sunday the 7th (12-6), and I’m not exaggerating when I say that every minute of that time has been packed with entertainment. There’s Kung Fu from Red Mantis and Red Dragon, Chinese folk dance, Wildfire Dance, and of course my favourite Lion Dance, performed 6 times throughout the weekend! Always a plus for walking-happy me, Rupert Avenue and King Street between James and Alexander have been closed off, and the performances will be set up right in the street.

And of course, no festival would be complete without a street market to buy goodies. I’m thinking with this heat, a parasol or a fan might be an excellent choice?

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