Beatles + Lasers

I’d like to give a high-five to classic Winnipeg spots that are getting creative and finding new uses for their spaces – in this case, the Planetarium! I’ve got great memories of it from field trips as a kid, but they’ve made it way more than just a place to try to figure out yet again which one Casseopeia is. (OK, that’s not the only one I don’t know. I’ve got the Big Dipper down, but other than that…)

They’ve got laser Beatles shows. And laser Radiohead, laser Pink Floyd, and laser Daft Punk shows for that matter.
The shows take music from all these bands and combine them with laser-light images that get projected on the Planetarium dome. Some songs use animated characters or scenes drawn with the laser, other ones use fractal patterns, abstract images, or special effects – whatever they use is specially chosen to match the music. The idea kind of feels like an abstract music video, performed live!

They play 3-4 shows every night from Thursdays through Saturdays – check the schedule to find out when your favourite band is playing!

4 thoughts on “Beatles + Lasers

  1. Thanks for the info. Peggy! My husband and I agree. We checked out the Daft Punk and British Invasion Laser shows last year and were really impressed.

    We’re planning to check out Radiohead and Daft Punk this year (they have updated this one with music from the movie Tron). Their animation for the song ‘Around the World’ is quite entertaining. The Daft Punk one is definitely a must see (if you can only check one out). 🙂

    1. But even though they did do a crpapy job of spraying it, it still is a WHOLE lot easier to cool the house than when we had fiber glass insulation. We can keep the house at 74, even on days when it gets over 100, before, if it got to 100, we were lucky to keep it below 81, and the AC would have to run non stop to do it. But now, even on the hottest days, it doesn’t have to go non stop to keep it at 74.

    2. Jonathan is absolutely right about how folks in other cultures tend to focus more on relationships than we in America typically do. I knew Jonathan and his wife Debbie (assuming it’s the same Jonathan and Debbie Crocker!) when my wife Mary and I were serving with Wycliffe Bible Translators and living in Long Crendon, England in the late 1980s. I think of the many folks whose paths I’ve crossed over the years – among them Jonathan and Debbie – but with whom I’m no longer in touch, because I got caught up over time with the pressures of the moment rather than with the people God had brought into my life. Glad I ran across your blog – hopefully Mary and I can reconnect with Jonathan and Debbie as a result. Thank you, Mark, for touching the lives of the people of Bulgaria, and for offering a forum for your readers to touch the lives of others as well. I can be reached at rusty “dot” richards “at” gmail “dot” com.

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