Capoeira & Cocktails

Fringe is barely done and already it’s almost time to take a mini-world tour with Folklorama! And this year a brand-new pavilion is planting their flag in the middle of downtown at the Convention Centre – Brasil Carnival! Along with music and Brazilian dance, their show is going to feature capoeira. If you’ve never seen it, I can only describe it as the most graceful fight you`ll ever see. Seriously, I can’t always tell if the performers are fighting each other or dancing with each other – which some highly scientific Google research tells me might be part of the idea. A video from last year’s Brazil pavilion is below – watch for the performer at 1:10, I have NO idea how he didn’t take a dizzy fall off the end of stage! My eyeballs started to spin just watching him.

Their menu has Cachaca, the liquor used to make my new favourite cocktail of the summer/Brazil’s national cocktail, the Caipirinha. Earl’s on Main added them to their menu this year, and the results are summer-drink perfection. (Do all countries have national cocktails, or is this just Brazil?) There’s also a late-night party on Saturday with DJs, drums, Brazilian dance and all-around good times!

The pavilion is running during Week 1 of Folklorama, from July 31 – August 6. Check for showtimes!

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