More Music Downtown!

These past few weeks there have been so many outdoors summer events going on I’ve started to worry I’ll run out of blog space!  Out to Lunch, Chinatown Concert Series, buskers, Fringe…but you can never have enough fun & culture, so here goes!

There’s been a concert series running outdoors at 201 Portage since June, with bands playing in the courtyard every Thursday from 12 – 1. Just because July’s such a fabulous summer month, though, they’ve added Tuesday shows as well – that means music today! Today the Bluelight Jazz & Vocal Band is playing out in the courtyard for an hour starting at noon. This Thursday, it’s Last on the Road – and all shows are totally free.

There are lots of spots to sit, but I recommend getting there early enough to pick up a Starbucks and take advantage of their patio tables. It’s also a virtually guaranteed spot to find a couple of hot dog carts!

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