Post-Fringe Fringing

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It’s been an amazing couple of weeks at the Fringe Festival, as always, and I spent as much time as I could down there. And as I do every year, I heard variations on one sentence floating around downtown and online: “I love seeing all the people around downtown. It should be like this all year!”

I agree! To anyone who’s ever said that or thought that, you’re exactly right! It’s not just the shows happening that make the Fringe such a great experience, it’s the busy sidewalks and squares and packed restaurants. In short, it’s all of you!

So if you loved coming downtown for the Fringe – help keep that fantastic vibe going by sticking around to see some more amazing Fringe-related theatre. The hit 2010 Fringe play Altar Boyz is coming back to play the PTE mainstage next year, so if you missed it last year you’ve got another shot. The Warehouse theatre’s season is going to include Rebecca Northan, co-writer of this year’s Fringe hit This Is Cancer (I saw it, both hilarious and touching). She stars in Blind Date as Mimi the Parisian temptress in a clown/improv performance. Plus – that restaurant that you tried downtown during the Fringe? It’s still around. So are the pubs, wine bars and cafes. I love the feel around downtown when it’s packed too – and we’re the ones that make it happen!

2 thoughts on “Post-Fringe Fringing

  1. Fringe is definitely my favourite time of year – I love seeing the Exchange so bursting with life and appreciation of all things creative! I’ll likely be purchasing tickets for Altar Boyz – caught it when it was at Fringe and loved it!

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