Getting bendy

I’ve been going to Yoga in the Park for a few weeks now, learning Tree Pose and Sun Salutations surrounded by actual sun and trees. (Wondering if you’ve seen me there? If you saw the least graceful person there struggling in the back to balance on one arm and one leg – that was probably me.)

It was a perfect day for it yesterday and I wasn’t the only one who thought so – as things got started it was like there was a giant magnet in Memorial Park set to attract lululemon. People from all directions were zeroing in on the park with a suitcase in one hand and a yoga mat in the other. Our instructor Cheryl told me it’s one of the biggest classes she’s ever taught!)


If you’ve never tried yoga before – don’t worry. They say it’s for all levels, and they really mean it! I’m really new to it but Cheryl guided us through carefully, and there were almost 100 other people to watch to make sure I was getting it right! (I keep starting with the wrong foot, sigh) Seeing so many people around me actually inspired me to try harder – there was a group of businessmen who hadn’t had time to change or bring a mat, but were taking on warrior pose in socks and pressed pants all the same. And my favourite, one of Yoga in the Park’s newest regulars, a fabulous 89-year-old lady. If she can keep it up, I totally can!

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