Beat the Heat

My thermometer doesn't look exactly like this, but it's close.

Ah, Winnipeg summers. My weather app tells me it’s going up to 37 today, and feeling like 48, so there’s only on thing to do – figure out how to beat the heat! So here are my top 10 ways to keep cool downtown today:

1) Malts at the Paddlewheel restaurant in the Bay downtown! They’re giving away 20 free today, so hurry and get one!

2) Fringing! Plenty of the venues around downtown are air conditioned and will keep you cool while you’re being entertained, like the Prairie Theatre Exchange’s 2 venues, Manitoba Theatre for Young People, MTC, the Pyramid Cabaret, just to name a few!

3) Go for a swim. A drop-in day pass at the YMCA/YWCA Downtown is only $9 for an adult or $13 for a family and will get you into a refreshing pool.

4) Spicy food – I know, it seems backwards, but it really does cool you down. One Night in Bangkok, East India Co, Ivory, Hu’s Asian Bistro, or almost any Chinatown restaurant – they’ll all have something fiery on offer to get you sweating out the heat.

5) Check out a Planeterium Laser Show while basking in their powerful AC and the sounds of the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Radiohead or Daft Punk.

6) See the Titanic Exhibition.  It’s been extended until the 29th, so you can ride out the rest of July in the nice cool MTS Exhibition Centre.

7) Go looking for a slice of watermelon at Zellers’ grocery store or the fruit market at the Forks.

8 ) Watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows at the Globe in Portage Place! Running time is just over 2 hours, meaning you’ve got 2 hours in the chilliest place on earth – a movie theatre.

9) Can’t leave the office? Staples has cute desktop fans that will help make staying at  your desk bearable.

10) Green tea or red bean ice cream at Samurai Sushi on Portage. You’ll forget vanilla exists when you try the green tea, trust me.

Beat the Heat

One thought on “Beat the Heat

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