Theatre invasion!

Just when you thought downtown and the Exchange couldn’t get any more culture packed in, it’s Fringe time!

There are over 150 shows this year and only 10 days to see them, so I’m trying to pick some ahead of time. I’m try to get some balance into my Fringing too – I’m aiming for at least one drama, one comedy, something musical, a dance piece, an improv show and a spoken word show this year! Some shows are already catching my eye – there’s a ‘flamenco ballet’ dance production called the Matador. Roald Dahl’s The Witches is at MTYP – I was terrified in the best possible way of this story as a kid! And A House Fell On Our Sister and We Didn’t Get No Ruby Slippers sounds hilarious (what better way to warm up for Wicked later this year too, right?).

I’ve always wondered – am I the only one that looks through the Fringe guide for the crazy creative theatre company names? This year our downtown is being invaded by groups like Naughty Sailboat, Pocket Frock, Puppy in Pants Productions, The Magnificent Humble Boys, Theaturtle, and Weeping Spoon Productions. Love it!

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