Digital camera, you no longer intimidate me

You mean the roof of this is my classroom? Seriously?

So I’ve finally deciphered what all the little symbols on my digital camera mean!

I’ve been meaning to take a photography class for ages – I love learning new things, and blogs like this always make me wish I knew my way around a camera. (not that that’s ever stopped me from snapping away!)

So when I got an invitation to join an intro to digital photography class at the Winnipeg Art Gallery, I jumped on it! So the other week I trucked up to the WAG rooftop sculpture garden after work, and put myself and my little point-and-shoot in the capable hands of event photographer Leif Norman.

First, can I say that if there’s any better place in the city to learn about photography, I don’t know it. Tons of inspiration around us from the downtown skyline and gallery, beautiful light on the roof, and very little to trip on in case you try to walk with your camera pressed to your eye. Ahem.

I wasn’t terrible at taking photos, but not more than average either. But by the end of it, I couldn’t believe how much I’d improved just by learning a few settings and tricks! We got a walkthrough of all the mystery buttons that I’ve never been able to decipher on my camera, and I like to think I’m taking better pictures already! (We’ll see – you’ll have to tell me in the comments if I’m improving!)

The class was part of the Winnipeg Art Gallery’s new Rooftop Club series.  It’s a summer full of classes, workshops and events, everything from stand-up comedy performances to trivia nights to wine tastings, and all on the roof of the WAG!

Now who’s up for rooftop Zumba with me?

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