Best photo op ever!

Living flag, as demonstrated by our competition in Victoria!

It’s that patriotic time of year! A long weekend, warm weather (fingers crossed!), parties with friends and a chance to wear temporary tattoos on your face! But it’s been a while since I did something REALLY original for it – well that’s about to change, as of tomorrow. I’m heading down to the Manitoba Legislature to be part of Winnipeg’s first ever Canada Day Living Flag, aka the best photo op ever!

Instead of just wearing a cute facial tattoo and waving a flag, I’m going to be part of one (the flag, not the tattoo). Tomorrow people are gathering at the Manitoba Legislature to form a giant human flag – we’ll be picking up red or white tshirts, get directions from expert flag-wranglers, and VOILA! A Canadian flag made of people that gets captured in an aerial photo (see cool example above)

This is getting my competitive spirit up too – that cool photo up there? It’s also our competition! Victoria’s sent out a challenge to Winnipeg, to see who can get the most people participating, and that’s what theirs looked like last year. It’s our first year, and I know we can pull it off!

I’ve already registered, but it’s OK if you haven’t yet – just come by at 10AM to the Legislature and get your tshirt! More info here

Last question for our flag-wranglers – do we get to wave?

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