The greatest thing about downtown, as seen by kids

It was a tough battle between the Imax theatre and polo bears, Timmy Eaton and the Golden Boy, the Polo Bears and the wonderfully tsunami-free weather, but you voted and we have a winner! The top choices were:

19) What I like about downtown Winnipeg is. The MTS Center, Imax and munnelium library. When I went to the MTS Center today it was bigger then the outside. It had one of my favourite storess Tim hortons. IMAX was a surprise to me because we went to the IMAX once and the movie we watch was How to train your dragon. My cousin was so scaried he had to close his eyes. Because my cousin chosed the movie.

24) It there lotes of busnis buldings were it help everwon find a job. You can buy lottes of stufe like close and toys. Theres lotes of places to shop for food.

29) I think our downtown is a magnificent place. We have our New up coming NHL team. The fabulous golden boy, City Hall, and the Winnipeg BIZ. The lovely Art Gallery. We have the MTS Center with the Timothy eaton’s staue.

33) Why do I love downtown? Its because it is spectacular there is the one and only golden boy the trees the amazing buildings and there art gallery is beautiful I realy admire the art and sculptures but the most amazing part of the downtown are the people and the community.

The winner is #29, with 3 votes! Congrats, you’re going to see the Jets play downtown!

Note: 9 repeat votes were disallowed

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