Downtown, as seen by kids!

The other day I saw a tour of Winnipeg school kids coming through our downtown, and I was really curious to hear what they thought! So I asked them to tell me what their favourite thing about downtown Winnipeg was – and the one who gave the best answer would get a pair of tickets to a Jets game! (sidenote – I’m so glad they went with Jets!) Well these kids are some good writers – I got over 30 answers about what they think makes downtown great, and there’s no way I can decide myself! So I’m asking my readers to help me out – vote for your favourite answer in the comments this weekend, and help make someone’s day by sending them to a Jets game! Here are your choices, original spelling and all:

1) I like our downtown because there is lost of cool stuff to see. Like hockey games and the goldeyes baseball games. Downtown is so cool and if you look around you can see Polo Bears and the best part is that there is lots of cool stuff for kids to do in the summer. If you have not bin in downtown you have to go!!! Stop reading this and go.

2) My favorite part of downtown is the art museum, wag (Winnipeg art gallery), I like two different exsibits, one is, the boxers by Alexander Archipenko and the second is the Quilt of Belonging. I love art, it’s a place I can express myself!!

3) I love our Downtown because we have many cool buildings. I also love the Polar Bears that are all over the place. The MTS Center is awesome to! I love going there with my Dad or my whole family!

4) Downtown Winnipeg is a very historical place with all kinds of adventure around any corner. With a arena and a new hockey team on the way, it’s a great way to spend a day.

5) Our downtown Winnipeg thingy is Awesome because it is in Canada! It is also awesome because my friend Bethany lives in Winnipeg. It is also Awesome because it has the Winnipeg Art Gallery, also called the WAG. It also has the Manitoba’s Mueseum, I think. I have lots of other reasons Downtown is Awesome. I just don’t know them yet. The End

6) In every nook and around every corner, there is something for everyone. No matter what you are looking for Winnipeg’s got it. I love how diverse this city is and that the people are very friendly. And with an NHL team on the way Winnipeg’s one of the best places to be!

7) Are downtown is good because it has History and a different old building that have been here for a long time like the old jail and thers all cool interesting Building like the U of W, the law court. Oh and don’t forget the Hockey team hope they win at least a few game in Winnipeg. This is why Winnipegs downtown is awesome.

8 ) I like Winnipeg because it isn’t like BC when it rains too often and we never get tsunamis. So we live in the perfect place. I am also really exited about a new hockey team for Winnipeg.

9) I think that the Golden boy is awesome cause everybody knows how special it is to Winnipeg and hopefully the new NHL team is named after him and we take it down just for the Queen of England how awesome is that.

10) I absolutely Love downtown because there is an NHL team coming to town! Who’s not excited about that? Did you know that if you took 1 of the lightbulbs from the Imax theater, and put it on the moon, you could clearly see it from earth! I love the MTS Center is awesome!!!

11) Our downtown is amazing because we have a new hockey team coming. We have the 2nd greatest building in the world. We have lots of buildings with a lot of great history behind them. We have great businesses and lots of friendly people. It’s even better now since we used to be the murder capital of Canada, but now we’re not!

12) I love the architechture of our Downtown! It’s so old and historic! Some of our buildings are nearly 100 years old! The carvings in the side of our buildings are just beautiful!!

13) I like how there is a whole bunch of polar bears. I really really like the artist polar bear. I also like the spinning resturont on top of the fort gary place. I wish it was still in business though.

14) My favorite thing about Winnipeg is the people there so nice. The Buildings old but very cool same with WAG the Winnipeg Art gallery the art is interesting. That art piece I like best was the Quilt of Belonging Winnipeg is cool.

15) I like that the Hydro building is all green. It’s one of the greenest building in the world. I also like the downtown BIZ because they seem like nice people. I also think that there are allot of stores. It gives people choice.

16) What’s special about downtown is that there are many attractions, like the MTS the Forks and the museum.

17) I like tue downtown because it is big and filled with giant buildings and shops like art gallerys and restaurants and the biz buznus improving zone, and it is not very busy.

18) Our downtown is special because it have really good possibilities like 1 downtown spirit bus. 1 downtown spirit bus is free and show you around downtown. There more special stores like, City Place, Portage Place, and 3 theatres. Theatres are Globe theatr, Imax and P+E threater. I think these are the special about our downtown maybe there more.

19) What I like about downtown Winnipeg is. The MTS Center, Imax and munnelium library. When I went to the MTS Center today it was bigger then the outside. It had one of my favourite storess Tim hortons. IMAX was a surprise to me because we went to the IMAX once and the movie we watch was How to train your dragon. My cousin was so scaried he had to close his eyes. Because my cousin chosed the movie.

20) That theres the MTS Centre to see concerts! That Hydro Building is green! I like all the stores.

21) All the different Cancer Bears and all the people that worke thare.

22) What I like about Downtown is hat its clean almoast litterles and there are varry inviermently friendly and there are varry tall Bildings the stores you can get anything its just so cool!

23) Well Winnipeg “Downtown” is lucky to have the people that work for the BIZ. And phone lines such as 958-SAFE.

24) It there lotes of busnis buldings were it help everwon find a job. You can buy lottes of stufe like close and toys. Theres lotes of places to shop for food.

25) Well the reason I love our Downtown is that its home to the MTS centre and the old Winnipeg Arena. I also love the Downtown Chinatown including the Manitoba Hydro Building because it is the 2nd most Greenest building in the world. I also love the three tallest buildings in Winnipeg, and when the Jets come back. I don’t like how the Moose aren’t staying. P.S. and love the Golden Boy!

26) Our Downtown is very special because it has lots of History. It also has the world famuis Golden boy! The W.A.G. has native art than any Art gallery in the The Whole World! But what makes our Downtown so special is that it is our Downtown!

27) Why Winnipeg is special to me is that the jets are coming back and how clean downtown is and all the good people that work. I hope you pick my papper.

28) Downtown Winnipeg is very special because there’s alot of history behind some the stores and street names. The University of Winnipeg is downtown! There are alot of good places to go Downtown like the MTS Centre here we will watch the team play. I really enjoyed my tour of Downtown.

29) I think our downtown is a magnificent place. We have our New up coming NHL team. The fabulous golden boy, City Hall, and the Winnipeg BIZ. The lovely Art Gallery. We have the MTS Center with the Timothy eaton’s staue.

30) Our downtown is a spectacular place to be because of Timmy Eaton. People rub his shoe for luck. The MTS is a cool building it has so much History in it. Downtown is amazing it has the lovely Golden boy it stands tall and proud to stand in downtown.

31) Our downtown is the best because of Timmity Eaton statuch in the MTS Center. People would rub his foot hoping for good luck!

32) Our Downtown is amazing and enviormenty friendly. There are sculptures in Downtown that people admire and are inspired. There is a hockey stadium in the MTS Cernter. There are a lot of restaurants in Downtown Winnipeg. The legislative building has the golden boy and has a sphinz. I hope that our Downtown will improve.

33) Why do I love downtown? Its because it is spectacular there is the one and only golden boy the trees the amazing buildings and there art gallery is beautiful I realy admire the art and sculptures but the most amazing part of the downtown are the people and the community.


Whew, that was a lot of typing! So now it’s up to you – vote and make a young Winnipegger very very happy!

33 thoughts on “Downtown, as seen by kids!

  1. My vote goes for #19. Only one to mention the library and they also realized that downtown Winnipeg isn’t only about the NHL.

  2. All were great comments but my vote goes for #33 because the trees are appreciated. That is rare in a city this size and why I love to live downtown.

  3. Number one has to be it! “If you have not bin in downtown you have to go!!! Stop reading this and go.” What more do you want, and I really want to see the Polo Bears!!!!

  4. #29 gets my vote, although they are all great b/c they are from the honest perspective of a child. They all really speak from their hearts. 🙂

    Thanks for this exciting opportunity to win. Downtown Peggy is the best!

  5. #18 gets my vote, as it focuses on all the wonderful things (possibilities) about downtown, plus the fact that the list is only partial (there’s more…). I work downtown, and it’s incredibly convenient and close to a lot of great things. Spotting Peggy recently reminded me of just how many. 🙂

  6. These kids are amazing and insightful. I enjoyed reading all the answers. Very funny! I have to go with number #33. The trees are spectacular!

    Great concept

  7. Like the intro – ‘In every nook and around every corner, there is something for everyone’ so much to see and do and of course the Jets returning!

  8. Comment not just focused on materila buildings and sites it also addresses the people -‘most amazing part of the downtown are the people and the community.’

  9. I vote for #24. Though the grammar isn’t great, it’s got heart! Winnipeg’s downtown really does have everything you need. Jobs, shopping, food…the essentials!! -CG

    It there lotes of busnis buldings were it help everwon find a job. You can buy lottes of stufe like close and toys. Theres lotes of places to shop for food.

  10. Hello there! This blog post couldn’t be written much better! Going through this article reminds me of my previous roommate! He constantly kept preaching about this. I will send this article to him. Pretty sure he’s going to have a very good read. I appreciate you for sharing!

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