Spot Peggy Downtown – Grand Prize Winner!

Me spotted in my grand-prize-winning spot! (courtesy of Sara)

Thanks again to the over 1700 people who entered my Spot Peggy Downtown contest! It was a busy week trying to visit as many downtown places as I could, but thanks to you all I had loads of fun! My eyes are still recovering from all those camera flashes, and there are still pictures coming in. So keep checking my Facebook album!

Over the last week I’ve already given away over $1,000 worth of prizes as daily giveaways, so big thanks to The Bay, The Forks, cityplace, Winnipeg Square, and Portage Place for the gorgeous gift baskets and gift certificates! You’ve made some Winnipeggers very happy – words like “WOW” “Really?” and “Are you serious?” were really popular with people picking up their daily prize!

And now I get to do the big giveaway – it’s grand prize time! The winner will get:

$1,000 of downtown shopping courtesy of The Bay Downtown, The Forks, cityplace, Winnipeg Square, and Portage Place

Already a fantastic prize, right? But to make it extra-special, our winner is also going to get…

• A $200 gift basket of Manitoba Hydro swag & energy efficient products
• Gift certificate to the Chocolate Shop restaurant
• Your commute to work taken care of with a free Winnipeg Transit pass
• From 4Play Sports Bar, balcony space for up to 30 plus 3 hours of virtual golf, valued at over $250

And the winner is….drumroll…Marnie! Marnie spotted me on my last day out at the Chocolate Shop – congratulations, and you’ll be getting an email soon with information about how to pick up your prize!

Thanks again everyone – I’ll see you around downtown!

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