Thursday winner!

Nice shades! I need some for the summer

Well today was packed with outdoor activities – and yay, no umbrella needed! Loved being part of all the street traffic on Portage today – and found myself some cute new shoes at the sidewalk sales!

Here’s where I was:

Winnipeg Square Centre Court, near Starbucks (PS did you know if you go to their website, you’ve got a chance to win $250 in gift cards?)
Yoga in the Park, Memorial Park
Winnipeg Art Gallery foyer, and later a Rooftop Club photography class (more on that later!)
• Watching the buskers on Portage at the Portage Alive Busk Off
Moxie’s patio on Portage
Jazz Festival kickoff at Old Market Square!

Today’s winner is…Lynn! She spotted me at Yoga in the Park, Memorial Park, on the lawn (love how specific that was! 😉 )

I can’t believe it’s almost over already – tomorrow is the last day of my Spot Peggy Downtown contest! Hope you can come see me!

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