Last chance to meet me!

That’s right, the week’s almost done – TGIF! That also means it’s your last chance to win a daily prize basket, get a shot at the $1000 shopping spree grand prize, and my last chance to meet all of you in person! So let’s get to it:

Here’s where I’m going to be!

I’ll be tossing a coin and making a wish at the fountain of a major downtown mall. You’re in luck too if you find me here – the first 20 people to stop in and say “I Spotted Peggy!” after 10AM get a $20 gift!

I’m heading for a food cart for lunch today, and what better place to do that than Broadway? Now which mobile nibbles to choose…

I couldn’t get enough of the music at yesterday’s festival kickoff, so I’ll take my food cart goodies and head back for more at their free lunch hour series.

Errands after that – my bike was feeling a little rusty during the Commuter Challenge, so I’m going to stop at a store to get it tuned up out before Bike to Work day next week.

I’m torn about where to go after work…Winnipeg’s oldest restaurant has killer retro burgers. But I’m tempted by a downtown patio with some Western flavour too! What to do…you know what, it’s Friday. I’m going to both!

Come find me and then click here to enter!

Once again – the full contest rules are here, and here are some more contest tips to help you out:

You have to fill in the entry form with where you saw me that day before 7PM. I’ll be revealing the answers and announcing daily gift basket winners every day at 7:30!

Look carefully when you spot me, because you’ll need to be specific – just guessing isn’t going to count! For example, saying you saw me “in cityplace” doesn’t count, but “next to mmmuffins in the cityplace food court” does!

Saw me in more than one different place? You can enter the form more than once! The more places you spot me the better your chances to win!

3 thoughts on “Last chance to meet me!

  1. I found you twice today Peggy – wow – you sure do get around! I’ll be sending in the photo op’s later on tonight!

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