Final Spot Peggy daily prize winner! (grand prize still to come…)

Making a wish at the Portage Place fountain

I can’t believe this week has gone so fast! I went to 27 different downtown places, had TONS of pictures taken of me, and met over 1700 Winnipeggers! I have to admit, I’m sad that it’s over – but I know I’ll see you all again here on my blog! And who knows? Maybe I’ll pop up again in person sometime!

So it’s time to give away my last daily prize – on my last day, I was:

• Outside of Mountain Equipment Co-op (by the Yewch’s cart, yum!)
• By the fountain of Portage Place (with 20 happy gift card winners!)
• At Old Market Square for the Jazz for Lunch concert
• In the window of the Chocolate Shop restaurant
• On Broadway for a hot dog, in front of the Workers’ Compensation Board
• On the patio of the Pony Corral restaurant

The winner is…Matt, who spotted me by the Portage Place fountain! If your name is Matt, check your email cause I might have a prize for you!

So that just leaves one prize – the GRAND prize, a $1,000 shopping spree! I’m going to leave you in suspense over the weekend – I’ll be handing it out Monday, and absolutely everyone who spotted me this week is entered! So watch the blog, and good luck!

I’ll be handing out the grand prize of a $1,000 shopping spree on Monday!

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