Happy Thursday!Two days left to Spot Peggy

Happy Thursday Winnipeg! Two days left to go in my Spot Peggy Downtown contest – and today you’ve got a bonus chance to win! There’s so much going on today that I’ll be visiting six places instead of five! Anyone think they can find all of my stops today? I’m crossing my fingers!

My to-do list for today:

I’m going to admire some artwork during the day, and come back to test-drive my own artistic skills in the evening with a new summer workshop (between this and yesterday’s glass-blowing class, I’m starting to feel very creative!)

I’ll take a stroll along Portage Avenue to hear today’s Busk-Off competitors and pick my favourite – free music, sidewalk sales, AND a chance to win NHL tickets? Um, yes please!

Some of you have been saying I look a little stiff lately – maybe I’m not exercising enough? So I’ll be in a spot where I can learn some new stretches over the lunch hour, to see if I can loosen up a little!

With weather like this, outdoor eating is a must but I may need some shade. Solution? I’ll be at the patio with the green awning!

Father’s Day is coming up, and I haven’t picked out a present yet – ack! I’ll head inside next to pick something out in a mall beneath Winnipeg’s streets.

I wait for my last stop every year – tonight, I’ll be heading to a major festival kickoff! Just follow the music to find me!

Come find me and then click here to enter!

Once again – the full contest rules are here, and here are some more contest tips to help you out:

You have to fill in the entry form with where you saw me that day before 7PM. I’ll be revealing the answers and announcing daily gift basket winners every day at 7:30!

Look carefully when you spot me, because you’ll need to be specific – just guessing isn’t going to count! For example, saying you saw me “in cityplace” doesn’t count, but “next to mmmuffins in the cityplace food court” does!

Saw me in more than one different place? You can enter the form more than once! The more places you spot me the better your chances to win!

7 thoughts on “Happy Thursday!Two days left to Spot Peggy

  1. sorry you won’t be at the Pyramid Cabaret tonight for the special benefit Concert for Marymound. You’ll be missing hearing Keri Latimer, Jess Reimer, the Magnificent 7s and Righteous Ike & the Spellcasters!

    1. Well the pond is frozen here in Michigan, but we don’t have it that cold! Sheesh The video was very etearntining. Thanks for that. I don’t mind the robot voice. It kinda sounds like my wife’s ex step mother. I liked her a lot.

  2. After walking around Downtown for a bit, still no sign of Peggy. 😦
    Hmmm… don’t want to make any assumptions but I am sure anyone who spends over 12 hours on the patio at 4Play yesterday may be a little hungover. Oh well, see you tomorrow Peggy!

  3. Hi Peggy – I spotted you today and snapped a photo! How do I send it in? Do I upload it to the facebook page or is there an email address I should send it to?
    I told you I’d find you this week! 🙂

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