Where am I this Wednesday?

Today we’re  halfway through my Spot Peggy Downtown contest – hard to believe I’ve already made it to so many places and met so many fun Winnipeggers in just two days! I wonder where I’ll meet the most people today – guess there’s one way to find out. Time to head out downtown again!

My plans for today:

I’ll need to get my daily dose of caffeine, so I’m picking up a morning latte near a corner I called Coffee Heaven in a past blog.

Food is better with good friends and good music, so I’ll enjoy lunch on Portage in a spot where I can take in some classic rock and do some serious people-watching!

I’m still pumped from the Commuter Challenge, so after that I’ll take an eco-friendly form of transportation to my next destination…

I’ll arrive at one of Winnipeg’d biggest tourist hubs to register for a class. You can never learn enough cool and unique skills – so today, I’m signing up to learn glass-blowing! I wonder how long it’ll take me to make something good enough to put on my shelf…

To end the day – it’s game 7, the biggest hockey night of them all! I’ll have to watch the game – and what better place to do it than just a stone’s throw away from where our new NHL team will be playing?

Come find me and then click here to enter!

Once again – the full contest rules are here, and here are some more contest tips to help you out:

You have to fill in the entry form with where you saw me that day before 7PM. I’ll be revealing the answers and announcing daily gift basket winners every day at 7:30!

Look carefully when you spot me, because you’ll need to be specific – just guessing isn’t going to count! For example, saying you saw me “in cityplace” doesn’t count, but “next to mmmuffins in the cityplace food court” does!

Saw me in more than one different place? You can enter the form more than once! The more places you spot me the better your chances to win!

3 thoughts on “Where am I this Wednesday?

  1. Corner of Portage and Donald, at the bus stop in front of the MTS Centre, Leaning against a flag pole 🙂

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