Wednesday Winners! Who spotted me?

Should have picked up an umbrella on my travels - luckily I've got friendly downtowners to lend a hand!

Well, today I think I had may have had my favourite moment of the contest so far! One of my new downtown friends spotted me in the rain and came down to share her umbrella – how sweet was that? Even rain can’t get downtown Winnipeg down – there have now been over 1000 Downtown Peggy sightings! (Check out my Facebook page for more cute photos of some of them!)

Now on to today’s answers!

Today I was:

• On the patio of the Twist Café
• At Air Canada Place
• By the Portage & Donald bus stop, waiting for the free Downtown Spirit!
• In Bayshore Gifts in Glass at the Forks, signing up for my glass-blowing class
• Feeling sporty at 4playSports Bar on the patio – not even pouring rain can keep me away from a good patio!

And the winner is…Erin, who spotted me at Bayshore Gifts in Glass and gets an awesome $250 gift basket from the Forks!

Bring your sunscreen tomorrow! It’s going to be a hot one and I’ll be at a full 6 locations instead of 5 – that means a bonus chance to win tomorrow’s prize, and the $1,000 shopping spree grand prize!

4 thoughts on “Wednesday Winners! Who spotted me?

  1. Hmm, sounds like a cllahenge for some riders! What is the meet up/roll out time? Will is be a usual 8:00PM meet/8:30 roll out? I\’m concerned because I get off work @ 7:15 in Milpitas. Thanks!Dasfreshyo

  2. – wow! i just stopped over from the b-school and just HAD to say soihetmng. This shoot is the bomb! I love the post processing on these. It really brings out that wintry feel. Beautiful beautiful!! ;D

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