Spot Peggy Downtown Winner #2!

Me at the future home of Stella's, courtesy of @ChefUofW Ben!

Wow, even MORE of you found me today – I feel so popular! I love all the pictures you’re sending of us together – keep them coming, I’ve already started an album on my Facebook page!

So here’s where I was today:

• Near the Human Bean coffee shop at the Millennium Library
• In the main lobby of the Manitoba Hydro building
• By the window at Mitchell Fabrics
• In the food court of cityplace, near Mmmuffins
• In the new Buhler Centre, aka the future home of a Stella’s Café!

Sample fabulous downtown prize from Cityplace

And today’s winner is…Jodi, who saw me at Manitoba Hydro!

Congrats! I’ll email you soon about how to pick up your prize.

Tomorrow: Another day, another 5 downtown hotspots, and lots more chances to win! See you all soon 🙂

9 thoughts on “Spot Peggy Downtown Winner #2!

  1. That’s not the hydro building. You are wrong. That is the John and Bonnie Buhler Building for the University of Winnipeg Students found at Memorial/Colony and Portage. I should be winning this.

    1. Hi Angelictorch – you’re right, the picture is of the Buhler Centre. I was at the Manitoba Hydro building that day too though – I’m a busy girl, 5 stops a day every day this week!

    2. My perspective is from one who has seen the land from the gorund up, planting to harvest. What I see on the marketplace is opportunity to invest in farmland with financial investment instead of moving on to the land and getting your hands dirty and hardly making a living let alone a profit or legacy for the next generation. Such an investment portfolio would include a company like Agcapita with a minimum of $5,000 which is a far cry from a million or more. Since I’m not God, I would guess companies like that buy huge tracks of land and lease this land to grain, cattle and poultry producers who live in town perhaps hundreds of miles away.RH

    3. Re tonite..Note that modles are trending slower with the evolution of the is system. Initailly, convection should be focused where mositure convergence is maximized around a closed 850 hPa low tracking up to Riding Mtn. Another area of showers/tshowers may form on the nose of the LLJ down over N Dakota or central Minnesota. Between the two areas ther will be very weak shear and forcing. However, due to the slower progression, precip may start to fill in early tomorrow morning along the main moisture axis, as trowal becomes better organized. Showers may linger until at least midday, with surface trough not coming thru till around 3 pm as per the American guidance. With strong blocking pattern, I feel RGEM SCRIBE is too early in pushing dry slot thru. Re Saturday..Given the slower motion of the first system, it raises uncertainty regarding timing for the main disturbance. Yes, the 12Z NAM sceanrio is scary for extreme SW Manitoba with 50 kt deep shear, good low level shear around the warm front, and extreme instability. Cap weakens in northern tier of counties across N Dakota by around 7 PM. Winnipeg would see generally an elevated threat as cells merge and move north later.However, there are also still huge differences in surface pressure pattern between GFS and NAM. As mentioned before, this is due to the potential phasing/ interaction between the northern and southern streams. This is manifested in the large differences seen by Sunday. WIth NAM more progressive and showing more splitting between the LLJ and main upper trough, while the GFS is slower with more phasing. GFS solutions would keep the chance for elevated convection goign thru Sunday. Daniel

  2. @RIC0GONZALEZ You want me to shut the fuck up? Fuck that. Learn some grammar. Half the shit you write, i don’t uetrnsdand. Obviously this is a different choreography, SO IT HAS TO BE DIFFERENT DUMBFUCK. Fuck, I guess the breakdown, knee injuries, court battles don’t mean shit to you. Maybe you don’t know because your a dumb fan. Again, learn to research because you make stupid remarks.

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