The first Spot Peggy Downtown winners are…

Me & one of my new friends!

You guys amazed me with all the entries on my first Spot Peggy Contest day! It was awesome to see so many of you out around the city – especially in the rain this morning! I’m glad the sun came out in time to get some patio time in with you all. And thanks for all the hugs 🙂 Winnipeggers are definitely friendly!

So, here are the answers you’ve been waiting for!


Today, I was:

  • In the furniture department of the Bay downtown – 4th floor, by the vacuums!
  • Outside of the Fyxx, at the corner of Donald & Broadway
  • On the Esplanade Riel, outside of Sal’s
  • In the lobby of the MTS Centre, first floor
  • Outside the Earl’s on Main patio

And today’s winner….

Today's awesome gift basket!

Don & Lavonne! You’ve got a fabulous downtown gift basket from the Bay – I’ll be emailing you soon about details!

If you’re not Don & Lavonne, don’t worry – we’re just getting started! I’m in 5 more spots tomorrow, so 5 more chances to win! And remember – even if you don’t get the daily prize, you’re still entered for the grand prize of a $1000 shopping spree! Next clues will be posted tomorrow morning – see you downtown!

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