Spot me & win! Today I’m going to…

It’s the first day of my Spot Peggy Downtown contest – I can’t wait to meet all of you on my travels around downtown! (asking yourself “What Spot Peggy Downtown contest?” Click here for details!)


So the big question: where am I going today?

I’m always looking for that perfect new home accessory – like a cute chair, or a funky new lamp – so today I’m going to browse for some dream EQ3 condo furnishings at downtown’s signature department store.

For lunch I think I’ll people-watch on Broadway with a Basil’s Fawlty Tower sandwich and some good coffee.

I’ll enjoy the outdoors and take a stroll across the river where I can pick up a cheesy, classic Winnipeg nibble.

Vancouver’s playing tonight and it’s got me in a hockey mood, so I think  I’ll stop by to peek at our team’s new home! Maybe I’ll even catch part of the game at my next stop –

– after work, I’m meeting some friends at a restaurant with one of the city’s busiest patios – sangria’s on special tonight and that’s my latest favourite patio drink!

Come find me and then click here to enter!


The full contest rules are here , and I’ve got some extra tips to help you out:

You have to fill in the entry form with where you saw me that day before 7PM. I’ll be revealing the answers and announcing daily gift basket winners every day at 7:30!

Look carefully when you spot me, because you’ll need to be specific – just guessing isn’t going to work! For example, saying you saw me “in the mall” doesn’t count, but “outside of Imax Theatre in Portage Place” does!

Saw me in more than one different place? You can enter the form more than once! The more places you spot me the better your chances to win!

5 thoughts on “Spot me & win! Today I’m going to…

  1. Theresa:there is no membership fee. There is a cost to atnetd our monthly luncheon which is the 4th Wednesday of the month. If you are interested in being included in our mailings, click the link on the home page of this website.AppreciativelyPat Taviss

  2. Kudo’s to the Denver Post for this great conversation piece! The cover pircute of Todd Helton celebrating the Rockies clinching the MLB National League Championship at Coor Field (with Eric Byrnes eating the dust and his words, flat on his face at first base)is worth the price alone. It captures the magic of going 13-1 to end the regular season, followed by a 7-0 entry into the playoffs definitely a magical season and all captured here. Yes, kudos to the Red Sox and their faithful fans, who swept the Rox in the Fall Classic, and that is captured in this book as well but the focus is on how a team in 4th place intheir own division as late as September 16th, 2007 made a solid run of the ages to capture the imagination of sports lovers everywhere. Great book, great pircutes, and a great documentary of the events by the Post staff as the unbelievable events unfolded.

  3. – I love the edginess’ (is that a word???) of these phgoaortphs Marlene. Just perfect for a city like Las Vegas. And the desert shots truly reflect how I expect a desert to look stark, barren, dried out, brown, prickly you get the picture. And yes, you DID get the picture’! Awesome stuff!!!!

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