If it wasn’t for the Commuter Challenge, I wouldn’t have…

So those of you who follow me on Twitter and Facebook may know that I’m doing the Commuter Challenge this week, and today is the halfway point! (if you haven’t registered yet, that means there’s still time today!)

I take the bus, walk to work or take my bike a lot, but being part of the official Challenge this week made me pay more attention – I never realized before how many cool things I see and people I meet downtown that I’d sail right by if I drove to and from work. This week I’ve already:

  • Cheered on the University of Winnipeg’s frisbee game! Sunny days always see a group of students playing in out on the lawns right by Portage Avenue.
  • Had chance meetings with friends! In three days I’ve run into three old friends on the street and at bus stops – instead of honking as our cars passed, we got to stand in the sun and catch up.
  • Got to peek at the beautiful fresh flowers changing every day at Fresh Cuts Downtown.
  • Free smoothie made by a bike-powered blender! This morning there was free coffee, juice, muffins and smoothies at Assiniboine & Main. (if you can’t imagine what a bike-powered blender looks like, click here!)
  • Spotted a Renovation Sale on at the Bay downtown, and a purse I’m going to have to go back for on my lunch break.
  • Found the location of a new jazz club opening on Portage Avenue (more on that in another post!)
  • I pass so many coffee spots, I’ve tried a different coffee at a different cafe every morning, instead of just the place closest to work (Today: latte at Dessert Sinsations!)
  • Was reminded of just how nice Winnipeggers are! There are so many smiles and doors held open for me on my way in (not to mention the extra-kind bus drivers who wait when I’m running for them), I can’t help but be in a good mood by the time you get to the office!

Just making this list, I feel extra-inspired to commute this way the rest of the year – yes, even when it gets colder! I’d just be missing way too much sitting in my car.

Who else is in the Commuter Challenge, or just an eco-friendly commuter in general?

3 thoughts on “If it wasn’t for the Commuter Challenge, I wouldn’t have…

  1. I’m sad to say that I’m working somewhere that I can’t access without my car…but not for long. One of the reasons I’m changing jobs is that I miss my eco-friendly commute! On Monday I start a new job back downtown, which makes me SOOOOO happy! I’ll be back to taking the bus in the mornings and walking home when it’s nice! Once the Disraeli pedestrian bridge is up and running (2012?), I look forward to taking my bike to work. So, even though I’m not participating in the Commuter Challenge this year, I’m committed to commuting alternatively from now on starting on Monday!

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