Children’s Museum, Kidsfest, and Prizes!

Ever had a day when no matter how old you were, you totally felt like a kid again? I’m having one of those right now! I just took a tour yesterday of the new Children’s Museum at the Forks – and I’m still giggling a little bit!

Children's Museum slide. It will make your eyes spin.

So yesterday, I:

1)      Played on a lasagna play structure.
2)      Used a giant crane to build a city jenga-style.
3)      Went down a super-cool optical illusion slide!

The new museum (opening tomorrow, June 4) has been divided into different ‘cubes,’ each with their own themes. One of my favourites – a building area complete with crane you can use to stack blocks almost to the ceiling! It reminded be of the arcade claw game – and I wasn’t much better at it than I was at the claw. So bad, in fact, that the 6-year-old watching me kept shaking her head, sighing and trying to give me tips. The museum’s opening tomorrow, so bring your kids – or your inner child – out to try it! I highly recommend the slide.

Children's Museum city cube
City Cube - building these is not my talent.

But the new Museum isn’t the only reason it’s good to be a kid in Winnipeg today – it’s almost time for Kidsfest! Kidsfest 2011 is happening at the Forks, kicking off June 9 and ending on the 12th. I may be a FEW years out of their target demographic…but on there other hand, along with music, shows, stories and games, there are trapeze lessons this year. You are never too old for trapeze lessons.

Know someone you want to take to Kidsfest – or want to take some trapeze lessons yourself? (or learn magic tricks, or hoop dancing…)

I’ve got 2 Family Passes to Kidsfest to give away!

Enter by emailing me ( with the name of one Kidsfest performer, OR one new Children’s Museum exhibit! Winner will be announced June 7th.

Update: Winners have now been drawn, so check your email to see if you’re a winner!

2 thoughts on “Children’s Museum, Kidsfest, and Prizes!

  1. You rock Peggy =) I brought my 3 yr old. Pretty sweet redesign. They need to tailor a few more things to the younger crowd (1-3 yr olds), but other than that, it is a pretty fun place.

    1. Marg – Thank you Karla, YOU made my heart warm and fuzzy today!!! I too, love that pic of you and me on your wedding day. I will aawyls treasure it in my heart. Thank you for the fun times we’ve had and looking forward to the future Monday coffee times. I love you, mahja!

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