The NHL is coming downtown!

Wow, what a day!

So almost a year ago I wrote about how I was starting to get hopeful about an NHL team coming back – and after a few months felt like I’d gotten my hopes up yet again. So I’ve been holding off on posting anything until the agreement was officially confirmed, signed, sealed, delivered, notarized, and inspected for possible forgery!  But it’s official, it’s for real this time – we’re getting an NHL team again!

And I have to admit, the fact that they’re going to be playing downtown has me HUGELY excited. It was incredible to see everyone downtown today – families, students, businesspeople in suits skipping work, people from every walk of life just packing our sidewalks (and streets!) People were strolling from downtown hub to downtown hub, from the MTS Centre to Portage & Main to the Forks and back to celebrate all over again! I can’t wait to see what it’s going to be like once the team actually arrives.

The MTS Centre has done a fantastic job of drawing people downtown for events – but I think this going to take it to whole new level. I know it’s early, but after today I’m already picturing downtown Winnipeg on game night: blue, red, and white jerseys packing the streets and the patios around the arena… I know, the colours might change…but I hope they bring back the Jets name! I mean, we already have the jerseys and the chant ready! The ticket drive is already starting at, and I know we’re going to show the new team how much we want to see them!

So what was your favourite moment of the day so far? (after all, the day’s still young!) Mayor Katz doing the conga? Jets vs. Jets street hockey at the Forks and Portage & Main? That first yell when they made the announcement?

One thought on “The NHL is coming downtown!

  1. I watching CTV Winnipeg news with that breaking announcement and I was in joy over that and was almost hooting at my tv at my apartment… such a happy moment for the first time in 15 years the NHL is back here in Winnipeg!! Now I am interested in going to a Jets game (if the name Jets is ever used but Moose would be better)… woooooo goooo Jets goooo!!!! haha

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