Summer Patio Picks, Part 3: Shady Retreats

I’ve had some days the last few summers when I’ve gotten a little too much of our fabulous Winnipeg sun (remember, sunscreen up!). But even then, it’s hard to bring myself to head indoors on a beautiful day! So for those times where you want to relax outdoors but skip the heat, I’ve hunted out some downtown Winnipeg patio that (literally) have you covered.

Step outside of The Current restaurant at the Forks, and you’re on a shady and secluded patio. With greenery and lawns separating you from the busy street, and  a full roof above, it’s a perfect place to sip something or try out their new dessert menu. Pick number two is just around the corner – Sydney’s at the Forks is famous for their amazing food, but I only discovered a little while that they have a patio! It’s not fully outdoors, but the glassed-in second-floor space lets me stay out of the sun and above the crowds while I people-watch.

What do you prefer in a patio – sunny, shady, or a mix of both? Let me know some of your picks in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Summer Patio Picks, Part 3: Shady Retreats

  1. I like the Current too and go there often, but for that quaint European feel I like Cafe 22 at Broadway and Hargrave. It is small but intimate. Casual but aloof from the bustle that is Broadway. A great place to kick back and just ‘be’.

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