Summer Patio Picks, Part 2: Caffeine Hotspots!

Day five of fabulous weather, and reason number two I love patios: Because coffee in the sun is so much better than a coffee at my desk!

There’s a spot at Graham & Edmonton I like to think of as Coffee Heaven. It has the Twist Café, featuring fabulous sandwiches, Jonnie’s Sticky Buns, and of course, lots of coffee that’s just begging to be sipped on their chic little patio. Practically across the street is Second Cup, with cafe tables dotted all along its exterior. It always seems to be one of the first patios to fill up when spring arrives and the last to close in the fall. Bonus: with two sides, you can always pick a sunny or a shady seat!

Now it’s not at the corner of coffee heaven, but I can’t mention coffee and patios without bringing up The Fyxx on Broadway. Specialty coffees and teas galore, and a patio that’s placed beautifully for people-watching on Broadway.

What are your favourite downtown coffee spots? And if they don’t have a patio, should they?

Edited to add: One more thing to know, especially if you’re thinking of doing some work or some web surfing – all three of these picks have WiFi! (Thanks to @rightsaidfred for the suggestion)

2 thoughts on “Summer Patio Picks, Part 2: Caffeine Hotspots!

  1. Soma on the U of W campus is nice and cozy.

    I wish there were more coffee places downtown with patios…Exchange Cafe on the East side of Main St is a great place but no room for patio!

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