Summer patio picks! Part 1: Stellar views

OK, I’m making it official! This newly gorgeous weather means patio season has arrived – it’s time to gather some friends, find a place in the sun and something to sip & nibble on. So where am I going? That depends! Do I want to chat over cocktails till the sun goes down, or have lunch and a latte somewhere shady and peaceful? It’s all about finding the right spot to fit my mood. So this year, I’m making a list of why I love the patios I love. First up…

Stellar Views:

I have to give lots of points here to Tavern United at the MTS Centre – their rooftop patio gives a view of the downtown skyline like nowhere else. If I want more greenery, Muddy Waters at The Forks is one of my favourites – their patio is perfectly placed to let you sit under the trees and watch the river meander past. And the Hu’s on First patio has a claim to fame no one else can match – book ahead and you may get to sit overlooking the field during a Goldeyes game! Baseball and hot dogs are classic, but baseball with cocktails, curry pad thai and spring rolls? Now that’s original.

What are your picks for best patio views downtown?

My next patio stop – coffee heaven!

5 thoughts on “Summer patio picks! Part 1: Stellar views

  1. Lets not forget that Winnipeg’s patios make for the best people-watching! Sure beats the mall on a sunny, sunny day!

    King’s Head patio during festival season = great late night people-watching!
    Patios at the Cafe 22 on Broadway and the Starbucks and Fyxx on Broadway = great lunch/mid-afternoon people-watching!

    Sure to meet and greet peeps all day long.

    1. Great tips – you’re right on about that being one of the best parts! Best patios to people-watch is going to be one of my upcoming why-I-love-patios posts – thanks for the suggestions!

  2. I love the patio at The Current (Inn at the Forks.) The furniture has a Miami vibe and goes perfectly with a glass of cava after an afternoon stroll.

  3. The Keg on Garry is definitely my fave. They fill the bordering half wall with white petunias that you can enjoy even once the sun goes down. A water feature and white lights create an ambiance that is tough to beat.

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