And the winner is…

Wow, you’re all doing such amazing things to make Winnipeg a better place! We’ve got people who make Winnipeg a friendly place by holding the door and sharing a smile, Winnipeggers who help me spread the word about our city, bus drivers who slow down to let you catch up on a cold day (thank you!) and a whole lot of amazing volunteers! So who is our winner? Drumroll…

The winner of two tickets anywhere WestJet flies is Trish! Congratulations! (you’ll be getting an email from me soon)

I’m making Winnipeg a better place by volunteering in the arts community. Within the last year alone, I’ve volunteered at the Winnipeg Comedy Festival (1oth year in a row), Winnipeg Fringe Festival (year #4), Manito Ahbee Festival (first time in  2010), AND Festival Du Voyageur (first time in 2011)!!

This year I’ll help out at all the same festivals and hope to add Jazz Fest! People often ask why I spend long hours working for each one. Simple! Without the volunteer help, no one would be able to benefit from the amazing talent these festivals bring to our city from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and the WORlD!

I’m so proud to share the city with such great people – read though all the entries and get inspired! What will you do next to make Winnipeg a great place? (Hint: The Timeraiser event tonight is a great place to start!)

One thought on “And the winner is…

  1. I’m SO EXCITED!! Thanks so much!

    And I’m so proud to say I come from a city where each and everyday people are working hard to make our city the greatest city in the world!

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