One day left to win WestJet tickets!

That’s right, my biggest contest yet is ending soon! I’m giving away two tickets to any WestJet destination (and just so you know, they fly to the Caribbean), but you’ve got to enter by May 4th!

In case you missed the contest post, here’s a recap:

So we all know Winnipeggers are some of the most generous people ever with their volunteer time, right? That’s why the Timeraiser event on Friday, May 6th is such an amazing idea – it’s like an art auction, but instead of bidding cash, you bid volunteer hours. Help out a great cause and bring home some fab artwork at the end of it – how cool is that?  Read more about it here and on their Facebook page and don’t forget to get your tickets – it’s going to be a great party!

To get the word out about Timeraiser, we’re giving away these worth-up-to-$4604 WestJet tickets.

How do you enter? Tell us how you’re helping to make Winnipeg a better place.

Just write your answer in the comments and you’re entered! (Don’t forget to leave a way for me to get in touch with you! You can enter your email in the comment form–it will be kept private) I’ll  pick the top 10 entries, then randomly draw a winner from that group. Official rules here.

6 thoughts on “One day left to win WestJet tickets!

  1. I think that I make Winnipeg a better place by writing and researching its history. We have a great city with a wonderful past and some amazing architecture. We should be very proud.

    Unfortunately, most of it is unknown and I’d like to think that by bringing some of it to life helps to celebrate the city and its people.

  2. I’m proud to tell you about a special choir I belong to named Spirit’s Call. We sing for joy, peace and harmony for ourselves and others, and have loads of fun doing it. I make our special name tags (there are over 150 of us) so we can call each other by name, and help out in any other way I can. Each year we put on two fundraising concerts, with the money from ticket sales and donations going to worthy causes. This year our May 7th Mother’s Day Concert proceeds will be going to Rossbrook House.

    2011 is our 10th anniversary year and we’ll be celebrating December 11th at Pantages Theatre. Hope to see you there!!

  3. I hope to make Winnipeg a great place to live by spreading the word about the “maximized living” program offered by the good folks at Provencher Family Chiropractic Center who have helped so many people live longer, healthier lives by adopting the “5 Essentials to maximized living” Please check out their website and philosphy. Lets help all Canadians be happier and healthier.

  4. I think I help make Winnipeg a better place by being active in my community, by getting involved with community groups that work on important issues like the environment, transportation, safety and community supports, and by being politically engaged in issues that matter to residents of downtown Winnipeg; from vigils for missing and murdered women to appearing before city council, to engaging in debate about what makes our city great and what needs to be improved.

    I also love supporting local businesses downtown that strive towards ethical and local purchasing policies, restaurants that support community gardens, and which are active in the community.

    As a young person living downtown, I think one of Winnipeg’s greatest strengths is the amazing and diverse culture, community and passion one sees and experiences day-to-day. There is a lot of work to do in terms of working together to alleviate poverty, provide supports for our neighbours in need and build a welcoming community for all – but what makes me proud is all the people and groups who are passionate and dedicated to this city (like all the other folks who have highlighted what they have done to make Winnipeg better).

    I think that by living downtown, actively participating in the community, and supporting people who already do such great work to make our neighbourhood vibrant, we can all build a stronger, happier place for us all to live, work, study and play.

    I wouldn’t however, consider any of this as “volunteer time” because when you live downtown, you become engaged in your community naturally – which is why living in the heart of the city is so rewarding. :p

  5. Pumped about Winnipeg, spread the word about the many things to do in winnipeg, and the many green spaces which are great to roam

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