It’s wine time

The Winnipeg Wine Festival at the Convention Centre is coming up this weekend and I just had to make sure you have your tickets, because this is easily one of my favourite events of the year.

Imagine walking into a room with literally hundreds of tables of wine and people who want to give it you. That’s my idea of what heaven must be like. One of the best things about this particular show is you pay a flat fee and there is nothing else to buy once you get in. No tasting tickets and no one else asking you for money.

At first it can be kind of overwhelming because if you’re a bit of a wine neophyte like I am (I’m just good at enjoying it), there is so much to choose from. My advice it to take a walk around first and get a sense of what’s going on. They’re divided by country, so you could travel the world and pick one from each country. Or you could just go by how pretty the bottle labels look (I use this method almost exclusively when I’m buying wine and it works 9 times out of 10. Seriously.)

Actually, I’d recommend the Argentinian wines because I predict Argentina is going to be the new France in the world of wine (you heard it here first, folks). It’s appealing because growers in Argentina actually have an easier time creating organic product than other parts of the world simply because of their climate. Neat huh?

Last year, there was a wine from China (who knew?) that was very popular probably just for the sheer impossibility of it.

The event runs May 1-7 (hurry, you’re already missing it!) with evening tastings and afternoon ones on the weekend. Visit them here for more specific time information. There’s also some good info on how to taste wines there.

Tickets can be purchased at MLCC merchants (there are two downtown–one on Ellice and one in cityplace) or online with Ticketmaster.

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