Win tickets on WestJet!

Uh, yah, you read that title right. I am so excited to announce the biggest contest ever here at Downtown Peggy!

WestJet tickets, valued up to $4,604!

That’s one return trip for two people to any scheduled WestJet destination, departing from Canada. The tickets are good until May 4, 2012 and have a maximum prize value of $4,604.

The contest is to promote an event called Timeraiser where people bid on artwork and “pay” with volunteer hours. It’s happening Friday, May 6 at 7pm at the West End Cultural Centre at 586 Ellice Avenue. Tickets are $20 and can be purchased online at

Timeraiser is part volunteer fair, part silent art auction and part night on the town. Throughout the evening, meet with different non-profit agencies and match your skills to their needs. Once you have made your matches, you are eligible to bid on artwork.

The big twist is rather than bidding money, you bid volunteer hours. If you have the winning bid you have 12 months to complete your pledge before bringing the artwork home as a reminder of your goodwill.

For more info on the event visit their Facebook page.

7:00 pm – Doors Open
8:00 pm – Welcoming Remarks
8:30 pm – Silent Art Auction Begins
9:30 pm – Silent Art Auction Ends
10:00 pm – Final announcements and performance by the Blasphemers

To enter for the WestJet tickets, leave a comment below answering the question: 

How are you helping to make Winnipeg a better place?

(Don’t forget to leave a way to contact you–you can enter your email into the form and it will be kept confidential.)

I will select the top 10 entries and then randomly draw a winner from that group.

You’ve got until May 4 to enter! For official rules, visit here.

47 thoughts on “Win tickets on WestJet!

  1. I am helping to make Winnnipeg a better place by teaching a course to new Canadians. Most are English second language, and so they need to learn the culture and work ethic of Canadians. I believe by doing this, Winnipeg will benefit once they are in the workforce.

  2. I try to pick up garbage on the street as I pass by. It’s better for the enviroment and makes our city more beautiful. It can also improves how people think of our city – as a place to be cared for, not littered upon.

  3. Will the winner actually be able to receive the tickets? You said I had won something weeks ago and have not responded to my questions asking how I can pick it up 😦

    As for how I am making Winnipeg a better place, I work downtown in a pretty rough part, and teach people that have been either on welfare, come from troubled backgrounds or may even be homeless, the basics of transitioning into becoming part of the work force.

  4. I just recently found out about Time Raiser and I think it is a brilliant idea! I will definitely be participating, it sounds like a really fun way to get people to volunteer. I hope there is a large turnout, I will be there!!

  5. I am helping to make Winnipeg a better place by fostering cats and kittens for the Winnipeg Humane Society. It helps alleviate some of the pressure on the overpopulated shelters and get stray/feral cats off the streets and into good homes!

  6. How do I make Winnipeg a better place? Simple. I love it, use it, and promote it.

    There’s nothing like walking through the Exchange on a hot summer day, sipping bubble tea with friends, admiring our old and exciting architecture we have to offer. Or making a bee-line from my car from the Smith street parkade to the MTS Centre in the middle of January to catch a Moose game. Or going for a jog on a brisk Saturday morning through Kildonan Park and saying hi to the dozens of people with their kids and/or dogs that I pass who are also staying healthy and active. How about walking through the Johnston Terminal on a Sunday afternoon, checking out old antiques, and finding some real treasures? And nothing gets me more excited than sharing a bag of mini-doughnuts or a styrofoam container of Yorko’s perogies on a summer evening with the Goldeyes.

    I could go on and on about how much I love Winnipeg, but it’s all talk until we actually start walking the walk. C’mon Winnipeg! Get out there and LOVE our city! It’s the gem of our great country and Canada’s best kept secret.

    THAT is how we can make Winnipeg a better place!

  7. I’m making Winnipeg a better place by volunteering my time with environmental projects. Every year I volunteer with Bike to Work Day (June 24), Cyclovia, and I am a master composter. I educate members of the public on waste reduction, composting, and sustainable transportation choices.

    I am also a founding member of Peg City Car Co-op, a not for profit carsharing cooperative launching next month that will offer residents of Winnipeg an alternative to car ownership.

    I believe that a great Winnipeg is one where people can live fruitful, healthy, urban lifestyles without always needing to rely on a car.

  8. How do I make Winnipeg a Better place. I support the local baseball team and help promote all the causes that they support. All of our pets are rescue animals from the WHS we donate to Chrismas cheer board every year we donate coats for kids we donated a whole cube van of clothing to Siloam Mission we just love winnipeg and have no problem telling people from other places what Winnipeg has to offer and no trip to the Peg is compleat without a tour of the Royal Canadian Mint Winnipeg Is an Awsome place but you already know that Peggy

  9. It’s the little everyday things that I do to make the city better. Such as: I always hold doors open for people, and let the person infront of me on the bus first. Making sure to tell the people at the cashier and servers at restaurants please and thank you, and to have a great day. I Recycle, and if I see a piece of trash, I pick it up. When people and tourists need directions I help out to the best of my ability and point them to places to see while in town.(Especially The Forks, The museum, and the Exchange District!) I always donate to the humane society. Getting a dog changed my life! And I always donate to CancerCare, and spread the word to others when they have events even if I am unable to attend. It is a charity near to me as I lost my mom at 22 and that place was so important. Those are just a few things I do to make Winnipeg better.

  10. I regularly attend a residence association to make my community a better place. It always gets a bad rap and I want to show Winnipeg that the residents are no different than the others – we work hard, try to make our homes look nice and want the children in the area to grow up without being scared to go outside.


  11. How do I make Winnipeg a better place? By being an integral part of it.

    During my free time, I volunteer at a local animal shelter. This gives me the opportunity to do something positive while exploring a part of the city that I am unfamiliar with. I also volunteer on the board of a West End organization. This has given me the opportunity to give back to an amazing community, be a part of an phenomenal group of Winnipeg women and help others.

    During the week, I am a part of a very important organization in Winnipeg. We provide children in Winnipeg with the opportunity to explore career paths and open their eyes to new possibilities. I love being a part of change in Winnipeg and hope to share my excitement with everyone around me.

    I am also working towards furthering my education in the Community Development field so that I can create positive change in Winnipeg communities.

    I try my best to say “yes” more than “no”. To try new restaurants, explore new places and see all that Winnipeg has to offer. Because in the end, it comes down to “Why not?”

    It is important to me to be a PART of Winnipeg rather than just live in it.

  12. How do I make WInnipeg a better place?

    My latest project has been the Super Adventurers Club of Awesome Adventures.
    Sure the name is ridiculous, but it fosters the appreciation of the city through exploration and sight seeing.
    On a nice day, anytime in the year, we make bicycle trips to new (to us) parts of the city in an attempt to learn and see everything we can in this great city.

    I volunteer at Shalom mission when I can and I have also organized a benefit concert for CancerCare.

    I love supporting our many independent retailers over the huge chains and I will *always* hold the door open for someone right behind me.

  13. I love Winnipeg!
    I do not live there, but was ‘seeing someone” there over the course of a year or so, and flew out there many times….once just for 1 day!
    The reputation that your city apparently has is not justified….fabulous city, fabulous place, fabulous people.
    Keep it up!

  14. Timeraiser seems like a great idea!

    How does my family make Winnipeg better? My wife’s a girl guide leader and as part of that they spend a lot of time teaching about taking care of the outdoors and we’ve organized several clean up campaigns. We’re also both active geocachers and always practice CITO which stands for Cache In trash Out meaning we pickup any trash we find while geocaching.

    Above and beyond that we’re both very proud supporters of Manitoba and Winnipeg and defend its honor with gusto!

  15. I make Winnipeg a better place by volunteering with Vision Impaired Resource Network (VIRN). We focus on young people who are vision impaired and offer them opportunities to come down town to meet others in different restaurants, lounges, & other types of venues, so they can become included as part of our wonderful community by gaining the self confidence to get out on their own. We even provide a scholarship to students who are blind or who have a vision impairment.

  16. Since I have never been to Winnipeg, I will sell and tell my friend about the city, based on what I have read, to my friends.

  17. I’ve been cutting down on packaging, bringing my own bags, buying healthier (unpackaged goods), and recycle recycle recycle.

  18. I am making my Minto neighbourhood a better place since moving here a month ago by taking my 3 daughters on “Litter Walks” once a week. We each bring a plastic bag & pick up the garbage that litters the sidewalks. We end our walk at the local park where we clean up a bit more & they are rewarded by being allowed to play – the more litter they’ve cleaned up, the longer we stay!

  19. My first real notable act of making Winnipeg a better place was my involvement in building a playstructure at Bernie Wolfe Community School. I lead a team of 4 women who over the course of 7 months raised over $82,000 hitting our target and building the play structure.

    You can read about it here:

    A quotation from the article reads, “And Lisa Webinger is unparalleled. She was an advocate and driving force behind this — it was her pulling in her friends, her neighbourhoods, and drawing on her contacts.”

    The largest fund raiser was a 12 hour swing-a-thon which saw us raise $13,000 in one day. Our hard efforts were recognized by local politicians, and I was invited by my MLA to join him for lunch at the Legislative building and was also mentioned during The Third Session – Thirty-Ninth Legislature of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba where we were applauded for our community efforts.

    A quotation from his house speech “I would like to thank Lisa Webinger for her tremendous leadership and building a team with Teresa Cripps and Cathy Chiborak, a team of very capable members like both of them from the Bernie Wolfe Parent Advisory Council, and for all their hard work in organizing this event.”

    In March of 2010 I organized a team for CancerCare’s Challenge For Life. In 3 months, we raised just over $16,000 in support of Cancer research here in Manitoba.

    I am actively involved in my community, Chairing 2 committees within my childs’ school, and I have been doing so for 4 years now.

    Most recently, as of June 2010, I co-founded Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Manitoba. Our sole mission is to promote awareness, and advocate for funding to help defeat this horrible disease.

    Currently, there is only a 5% survival rate, with 75% of those diagnosed passing away within the first 6 months of diagnosis.

    We are holding a fund raiser in November, and the 2 West Jet tickets would make an amazing silent auction prize to help further our cause.

    Thank you for your consideration,

  20. I love Winnipeg and it’s my goal to contribute to making it the best city that it can be!

    I help to make this city a better place to live by doing my best to be a good citizen… I always try to be mindful of how my actions affect others and the environment in which we live. This includes cutting down on the waste that I produce, supporting local businesses whenever possible, living in (and loving!) our fantastic downtown area and promoting it to all those I meet. This city is growing and changing in amazing ways and by loving and living in it in a positive way, I think we can all help it to be even better!

    I am also really looking forward to the Timeraiser on the 6th. I can’t wait to see where I can fit it and do more to contribute to positive change in Winnipeg!

  21. I make Winnipeg a better place by simply sharing a smile. It’s contagious and then you make everyones day, espically people you have never met. It often is something so simple but many people forget to do, it only takes a split second and it makes Winnipeg a better place to live in when you have friendly people living here.

  22. I truely believe that I can make Winnipeg a better place to live in by taking pride in others and sharing ideas and appreciating what others have to offer. It’s amazing and skys the limit when you meet new winnipegger’s that have incredible views and stories to share. Winnipeg is a great place to live.

  23. I have made Winnipeg a better place to live in for some people. I was a City of Winnipeg Bus driver, now retired and I know that people really appreciate it when you go the extra mile and wait for a running person trying to catch the bus or when it’s freezing cold out and you wait for the person to hop on the bus. You just know that you have made their day. And you can open your heart to many Winnippeger’s by just slowing down and having some patientce.

  24. Winnipeg is the BEST place to live in. And to make it the best all you have to do is have a positive attitude and outlook. I love keeping up the yard and shovelling the snow so that it’s clear for our postman. I think is easy to contribute to our city; just by helping out.

  25. I’m making Winnipeg a better place by volunteering in the arts community. Within the last year alone, I’ve volunteered at the Winnipeg Comedy Festival (1oth year in a row), Winnipeg Fringe Festival (year #4), Manito Ahbee Festival (first time in 2010), AND Festival Du Voyageur (first time in 2011)!!
    This year I’ll help out at all the same festivals and hope to add Jazz Fest! People often ask why I spend long hours working for each one. Simple! Without the volunteer help, no one would be able to benefit from the amazing talent these festivals bring to our city from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and the WORlD!

  26. I am helping to make Winnipeg a better place by facilitating a support group for parents and caregivers of adults with Asperger’s Syndrome. Through the organization Asperger Manitoba Inc. we are attempting to raise public awareness of this disorder so that those with Asperger’s are able to participate fully in our society and those who do not have it will come to appreciate a different way of thinking about the world!

  27. How are you helping to make Winnipeg a better place?

    I am helping to make Winnipeg a better place by promoting Winnipeg to my friends and family. All too often, Winnipegers are quite negative about our city, and I try to focus on the positive things about it, including:

    – lower cost of living than most other major Canadian cities
    – low air pollution levels
    – lots of great things to see and do like the MTC, Winnipeg Fringe Festival, Folk Festival, Exchange District tours, WAG, RWB, events at the MTS Centre, the Forks, Old Market Square, and Assiniboine Park, MTS Exhibition Hall, MB. Museum, plus a practically endless list of great local restaurants to try out…
    – promoting Winnipeg to people who aren’t from here or who have never been here – “Happiness and life satisfaction are really a reflection of oneself. They are a reflection of how our mind functions, a reflection of who we are, a reflection of our own attitude in life and have nothing to do with where we live.” – Philippe Erhard (full article about Winnipeg can be found here:
    – having a positive attitude about Winnipeg and everything about it

    Thank you very much for this opportunity to win such an awesome prize. 🙂

  28. How are you helping to make Winnipeg a better place?

    I am helping to make Winnipeg a better place by promoting Winnipeg in the ways described above by my wife – Michelle H.

    I am also a positive person who is friendly and helpful towards others, plus I give blood regularly and canvas for the Canadian Cancer Society.

    Thank you very much for this opportunity to win such an awesome prize. 🙂

  29. I`m making Winnipeg a better place by contradicting false stereotypes and negative attitudes towards the city. I don`t think it`s okay for others to put us down or for Winnipeggers themselves to not see how great they have it here. We`re just like any other city and we have things others don`t, and aren`t we the most sociable bunch too? I`m the first to speak up and defend when certain neighbourhoods get a bad rap,( and by the way there is no defense for verbally disrespecting women). Winnipeg is a great place to explore the outdoors with the Forks and Assiniboine Park, and there are tons of unique boutiques to shop for days, and we are the base city for some remarkable fashion bloggers who make me jealous of the amazing vintage and artisan gems they got to first. So if you say anything otherwise I will say “Winnipeg is BETTER than your city b/c…”

  30. I think we can often get so caught up in looking at the crisis in Haiti or Africa that they forget about the needs here at home. Obviously it’s a great thing to help in other places, it’s what gives Canadians the good reputation that we have, but I’ve always felt strongly that as much as you give abroad (be it volunteering or money) you should also give at home. To make Winnipeg a better place I donate to organizations that provide support for teenagers and young adults (my peers), and I volunteer at organizations like Siloam Mission that are working hard to meet important needs in our city. Winnipeg’s an awesome city, and I’m proud to call it my home.

  31. I am helping to make Winnipeg a better place as a co-founder of The Food Label Movement, which is an organization to educate consumers and act as a catalyst for eliciting change in current food labelling regulations. Through conferences and social media, we are working to improve the health of Winnipeggers (and all Canadians) and to increase transparency between consumer and food manufacturer.

    I’m also helping to make Winnipeg a better place with my role in an urban indoor garden (The Green Room) in downtown Winnipeg, which we will soon be selling to local businesses and the general public as well. This will give Winnipeggers in the downtown access to fresh, local, organic greens year-round.

    Lastly, I’m helping to make Winnipeg a better place by writing positive articles about it at, working as communications specialist for MHCF, and supporting local businesses.

    …and if I win the WestJet tickets, I will gladly spread the word about how awesome Winnipeg is to wherever I travel to, and thus contribute to our tourism industry 😉

  32. By living in downtown and taking a pride in rebirth of the downtown area. So, I guess, also by spreading the word 🙂

  33. I am helping to make Winnipeg a better place by being polite & friendly to those I pass on the street. A simple hello can make a big difference in someone’s day. I also spend time talking with the neighborhood children while I am out walking my dog.They love him and want to pat him everytime they see him.While interacting with them they tend to share stories about other kids who tease & bully or that do what they call “bad things”.I remind them that we always want to treat others the way we want to be treated encouraging them to do good things,talking to them about why others may do this.I remind them to keep the neighborhood beautiful by not throwing their garbage on the street because my dog eats it and he’ll get sick. During our walks I pick up garbage along the way and dispose of it in a garbage can when I pass it.

  34. Hi Downtown Peggy,
    Winnipeg is my home, and I work actively to improve it. I moved downtown 3 years ago, and have become very active in the Central Park Community.
    I volunteer with Bhutanese refugees that have moved here from Nepal. While I’d love to say that I’m making Winnipeg a better place, I think I’d say that the Bhutanese folks are making Winnipeg a better place for me! Discovering the diverse cultures and experiences that a person can have just by living or going downtown to Central Park is absolutely amazing to me.
    Also, I volunteer with a little girl from a group home with Marymound as her Big Sister. I have also had the amazing benefit to introduce her to Bhutanese refugees.
    What means the most to me, however, is reading about all the amazing things that everyone’s doing in this city. My heart was warmed to read all of the ways people are changing lives in Winnipeg.
    Have a great day, Downtown Peggy! See you on the streets of downtown. 🙂


  35. D/T Peggy,

    We ALL do our part to make Winnipeg, WINNIPEG!
    Volunteer work is so important in this City, some people just have no idea who is a volunteer and who is getting paid. I believe that is because people in Winnipeg are so caring that they don’t mind helping out even if they aren’t getting a cheque at the end of the endevor. I have volunteered for Meals on Wheels this past year as it is something that helps people EAT which some of us take for granted. Personally I love food and love to help those in need of it!!

    There is really nothing better that a person can do to make their city better than lending their neighbours a hand. People will see remember that the most when they come to visit Winnipeg. We do have beautiful streets and historical buildings, but it is the people that built them and the hands that molded Winnipeg to be the City that it is today that we should thank for the welcoming feeling I feel and hope visitors and newcomers will feel it as well!

    From Winnipeg, MB 🙂

  36. Being born and raised in Winnipeg, I am very proud of my city and what it has become. I travel quite often and when asked where I am from, I proudly say “Winnipeg”. Winnipeg has a bit of a bad rap with the flooding, cold winters, mosquitos, former murder capital, etc., but when I say I am from “the Peg” I say it with so much pride and let people know about all the positive things that Winnipeg has to offer. I tell them that Winnie-the-Poof was named after our city, that tons of movies are filmed here, that we have a vibrant arts and music scene, that we have gorgeous beaches and beautiful summers, true Christmas’, and if I’m talking to someone young, I’ll maybe let it slip in there that Justin Bieber’s dad used to live here.

    So how am I making the city a better place? By promoting it as a better place. People have these misconceptions about our beloved city and I work on proving that those stereotypes are false. Winnipeg has tons to offer, people just have to be aware of it.

  37. I really do love our city, and try my best to better Winnipeg in a variety of ways. One way that I try to accomplish this is through volunteering with the Youth Relations Council of United Way Wpg, of which I have been a member since 2007. We strive to create and promote opportunities for youth involvement in our city. For example, we hold an annual youth day of caring, which typically consists of high school students from all over the city joining together to help out at (and in turn, learn about) the great non-profit agencies in the city. This year, I was co-chair of the Recognition sub-committee, which formally recognizes those youth who already make a difference in their communities through awarding Student Community Service Awards and Leadership Scholarships.
    My time with the council certainly benefits me as well, as I’m forever meeting inspiring people of all ages and learning about amazing agencies and the services they provide!

    I am also actively involved in my church and volunteered at a personal care home for five years. After seeing the difference that a tutor could make in my high-school performance, I became a peer-tutor. I’ve long since left high school, but have continued to tutor in my community and am now also a TA at my university. My post-secondary education will hopefully ultimately help make Winnipeg a better place, too. I’m helping out with a novel study regarding adults with Asperger’s, and am doing research regarding White prejudice/racism towards Aboriginal peoples.

  38. Hi Peggy,

    I’m helping to make Winnipeg a better place. I live near my workplace and carpool to get there. I recycle and bring bins/bags when I shop. I’ve been volunteering for many years at some nursing homes and look forward to new volunteering opportunities. I participate in sports; I played ringette and hockey this winter (and was a co-captain for my hockey team), and started to play tennis last summer – I’ve been meeting new people and getting to know our community centres. I’ve been enjoying MTC for some years, and have been having a good time participating in local Festivals & activities. Hé ho! My stomach has loved the diverse yummy restaurants around the city… so many things to see and do! I’m enjoying getting to know our city a little more every year; it’s one great city!


  39. Hi Peggy,

    Winnipeg is an awesome city and we do not always do it justice…but if we all pitch in and help in different ways we can make it the best city in Canada. We need to promote and be proud of our city of Winnipeg as it has a lot to offer everyone.

    I introduced 3 of my children to Winnipeg Harvest who volunteered for a number of years. They got to see 1st hand what is was like to be on the other side of the table…they were humbled in that not everyone is so fortunate to have everything handed to them on a silver platter…it was a very good learning experience.

    My husband and I volunteer for Heart & Stroke and Diabetes yearly canvassing campaign. Although it is a lot of work, it is one that brings joy in knowing one is helping out various organizations. My husband is area captain of the Diabetes yearly campaign in our area for a number of years and got to know our neighbors and encouraged them to support a good cause.

    Sometimes even the little things such as helping out an elderly neighbor makes all the difference in their lives and yours. Kindness to each other is something we sometimes take for granted as everyone is so busy that we do not take the time to think of other people and their needs no matter how large or small.

    When I visit my aunt in her nursing home I make sure that I visit with other residents…some do not have visitors and even a small kindess as saying a few words of encouragement make their day. I actually love visiting with the elderly…they have so much wisdom, so much to say and want one’s company and I do not mind sharing mine.

    If we all just do one thing to make Winnipeg a better place we will all benefit in this wonderful city on the prairies….

  40. I make Winnipeg a better place by supporting any local independent businesses I can. Instead of shopping at HMV, I will shop at Planet of Sound on Henderson Hwy. Instead of shopping at Value Village, I’ll shop at Ragpickers on McDermot. Instead of eating at Perkin’s, I’ll eat at Niko’s on Corydon. The list goes on. You get so much more from independent businesses compared to the big chains, and keeping Winnipeg businesses alive makes Winnipeg a unique city that people want to be a part of.

  41. I’m helping Winnipeg by volunteering web site design for Wildlife Haven (, a great organization that helps care for, rehabilitate, and release injured wildlife. I’ve also brought in over $1000 to the organization.

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