Ahhh… Ten Spa

This weekend I was the luckiest girl in the whole wide world, when I was treated to an evening at Ten Spa in the Fort Garry Hotel. Four hours of luxury pampering in the most beautiful setting left me as loose as a wet noodle and feeling fabulous.

My journey started in Ten Spa’s gorgeous change rooms replete with a steam room, rain showers and aromatherapy shower with different scented waters to suit your mood. They recommend you come and use these services before your treatments, but I cheated a little and treated myself to a soothing shower after, while taking full advantage of the copious amounts of lotions, balms, potions and other concoctions designed to make you smooth and glowing.

I then hung out in the beautiful lounge area replete with huge white couches and fuzzy pillows and gauzy curtains that make you feel like an Arabian princess. I also had a few nibbles–delicious flatbread and cubes of creamy cheese.

It started with a facial where I was buffed and polished to a high gloss sheen. The quirkiest part was the micro-dermabrasion machine that was like a little vacuum that sucked all the dirt and grime out of your pores. Apparently I had a lot.

Then it was off to the quiet room where I lounged for a bit beneath a fluffy white duvet as I awaited my next treatment. I also had a healthy spa supper in the form of a crunchy fresh salad topped with a lemon truffle vinaigrette, avocado and the most delicious salted ricotta.

I was then taken to my manicure and pedicure where I sat in a big white chair and was pampered even more. (More fluffy white duvets were offered to keep me warm in my robe, which was such an unusual and wonderful touch.)

Everything about Ten Spa is just a little more special than your average place. The staff, the decor, the treatments–it’s all designed to go that extra little bit to make you feel like a million dollars.

Maybe I’ll see you there soon. I plan on going back very soon.

4 thoughts on “Ahhh… Ten Spa

  1. While I enjoyed the food and fluffy robes, I was VERY disappointed with the manicure I received from ten spa – my nails had split and peeled so badly after it took 3 months for them to grow back to their former glory!
    Not sure what they did wrong, but I’ve never had problems with my nails before, so I wont be going back for a manicure!

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