Let’s Do Lunch Downtown

Okay, I know I’ve been going on and on about Let’s Do Lunch Downtown lately, and today isn’t going to be any different.

First off, congrats to Rebecca Hadfield who has won a $50 gift card to The Keg from last week’s draw!

I’ve got three more gift cards to give away today!

Fifty dollars each to Hu’s on First, Amici and the Ground Floor Urban Diner.

Below I’ve listed all the menus and their lunch offerings.

To enter the contest, leave a comment below telling me which Let’s Do Lunch Downtown menu you’re going to try first!

Don’t forget to leave a way to contact you (you can leave your email address in the form and it will be kept private.)

Good luck!

Menus Under $10
Menu prices are in effect from April 4-29, 2011

4 Play Sports Bar
323 Portage Ave, 221-4583

Chicken Wrap $7.99
Fresh grilled chicken Caesar wrap served with choice of fresh-cut fries, onion rings, soup of the day, or Caesar or Greek salad

Soup & Salad $7.99
Homemade soup served with choice of Caesar or Greek salad and garlic toast

Classic Burger $8.99
Classic homemade beef burger served with choice of fresh-cut fries, onion rings, soup of the day, or Caesar or Greek salad


Boston Pizza at cityplace
cityplace Mall,  925-4109

Gourmet Pizza & Salad $9.99
Our 8” gourmet pizza with your choice of Caesar salad or garden greens with our signature sundried tomato balsamic vinaigrette

Pasta of the Day & Salad $9.99
Our pasta of the day with your choice of Caesar salad or garden greens with our signature sundried tomato balsamic vinaigrette


The Rib Room

Weekday Luncheon Specials
Baked Fillet of Salmon $10.99
with Capellini Pasta, Tossed in Olive Oil with Olives, Tomatoes, Garlic and Cilantro.

Paillard of Chicken Grilled with Fresh Lemon and Rosemary $10.99
Served with a Greek Salad

Rib Room Bistro Sandwich $11.99
Sautéed Tenderloin Tips, in a Bordelaise Sauce with Red Wine and Mushrooms
and set on a Grilled Ciabatta. Served with Chef’s Daily Choice of Vegetables


The Chocolate Shop
268 Portage Ave. 947-9109

Bison and Blueberry Stew $8.99
Tender stewed bison meat and a blend of root vegetables accented with red wine and blueberries served with fresh bakeshop bannock


Finn’s Pub
210, 25 Forks Market Road, 944-8118

Finn’s Special Roast Beef Philly Dip $6.99
Roast beef, Swiss cheese, peppers and onions on a garlic toasted bun served with potato chips, garlic dill pickle and au jus

Southwest Chicken Burger $8.99
Chicken breast with bacon, cheddar cheese, tomato and lettuce with a tangy bbq sauce on a toasted bun served with potato chips and garlic dill pickle


The Ground Floor
Place Louis Riel, 190 Smith Street, 947-3097

The following entrees are served with your choice of homemade soup; fresh cut fries; or side Caesar, Greek or tossed salad

Ground Floor Burger $7.99
Fresh ground AAA beef burger, lettuce, tomato, house chili sauce, crispy onions, Dijon aioli and a dill pickle on a Kaiser roll

Chicken Fingers $8.99
Buttermilk chicken tenders and honey dill or sweet and sour dipping sauce

Grand Chicken Clubhouse $9.99
Grilled chicken, black forest ham, smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato and cheddar cheese on multigrain bread


Hu’s Asian Bistro
3rd Floor, One Portage Avenue East, 982-7426

Signature Noodle Bowls & Rice Bowls $9.99
The following entrees are served with a Vegetable Spring Roll!
Noodle Bowls
• Lo Mein (V, Beef, Chicken, or BBQ Pork)
• Chow Fun (V, Beef, Chicken, or BBQ Pork)
• Singapore Street Noodles
• Kung Pao Noodles (V, Beef, or Chicken)
• Chow Mein (dry noodles) (V, Beef, Chicken or BBQ Pork)
Rice Bowls
• Sesame Chicken
• Black Bean Chicken or Beef
• Cashew Chicken or Beef
• Kung Pao Chicken or Beef
• Lemongrass Chicken


Lobby on York
295 York Ave, 896-7275

Crab Cake Salad $9.99
Sesame-crusted crab cakes on caper aioli, accompanied by a salad of young lettuces, house-pickled cucumber, radish and granny smith apple


Modern east African tapas restaurant & lounge
354 Portage Ave, 415-7515

The following entrees are served with injera (homemade bread)

ATKIH WOT (Veggie Combo) $9.99
A delicate combination of lentil stew, split pea curry, roasted ground chick pea, cabbage, carrot, and potatoes simmered with sauces

Chicken stewed in red sauce—the national dish

Tender beef braised in a red pepper sauce with assorted spices


Muddy Waters
15 Forks Market Road, 947-6653

Spicy Chicken Caesar Salad $10.99
Caesar salad served with spicy strips of breaded chicken breast with our housemade Caesar dressing, served with garlic-buttered pita

Homemade Pulled Pork Sliders $8.99
3 Hickory smoked pulled pork sliders served on a white mini bun topped with Muddy Waters homemade cole slaw


Old Spaghetti Factory
110, 25 Forks Market Road, 957-1391

The following entrees are served with choice of Minestrone soup or green salad and OSF classic sourdough bread and tea or coffee

Spaghetti $7.99
A hearty portion of spaghetti smothered with your choice of tomato, mushroom, meat, spicy meat, Mizithra cheese or clam sauce

Tortellini Pomodoro $7.99
Rainbow tortellini stuffed with cheese in a creamy tomato basil sauce with mushrooms diced peppers, tomato and garlic


Shannon’s Irish Pub
175 Carlton St, 943-2302

Homemade Chili & Toast $6.99
Shannon’s delicious homemade chili & toast

Chicken Pasta Special $8.99
Shannon’s cream cheese chicken and garlic pasta

Chicken Curry $7.99
Tender pieces of fresh chicken tossed in our signature curry sauce with tomato and onion, served on a bed of white rice


Menus Over $10
Menu prices are in effect April 4-29, 2011

326 Broadway Ave, 943-4997

The following entrees are served with your choice of soup of the day or house salad

Pesce del Giarno $10.99
Grilled cod topped with sautéed spinach served with a roasted red pepper sauce

Bistecca di Manzo $12.99
Beef tenderloin wrapped with bacon served with Marsala broth and mushrooms

Linguine con Zucca $12.99
Linguine served with roasted butternut squash sauce topped with grilled vegetables and goat cheese


1 Forks Market Road, 948-0020

Beachcomber Garden Pita $10.99
Grilled in-house veggie patty made with zucchini, red & green peppers, eggplant, onions, and mushrooms on top of grilled pita with goat cheese and aioli sauce, served with fresh-cut skinny fries

Maple Salmon $10.99
Salmon grilled with maple sauce, served with fresh garden vegetables and fresh-cut skinny fries

Manitoba Pickerel $11.99
Fresh Manitoba pickerel filet pan-fried with herb butter served with fresh vegetables and fresh-cut skinny fries


Dessert Sinsations
505 St. Mary Ave, 284-4583

Monday-Friday 11am – 5pm
Saturday 12pm – 5pm

Fresh Rigatoni Puttanesca $10.99
Black olives, capers, anchovy fillets and tomatoes marinated in olive oil and fresh herbs, tossed with homemade rigatoni noodles, served with grated Parmesan cheese

Soya Ginger Grilled Tuna with Tempura Vegetables $10.99
Yellowfin tuna grilled to medium-rare and served with crispy tempura vegetables

Chinese Grilled Chicken Salad $10.99
Grilled chicken, toasted almonds, sesame and sunflower seeds with crispy noodles and fresh field greens, tossed in Asian vinaigrette


East India Company
349 York Ave, 947-3097

Chicken Sizzler with Vegetables $10.99
Boneless chicken served with pan-grilled fresh vegetables

Drums of Heaven Shrimp Curry $11.99
Jumbo shrimp simmered in a tomato-garlic sauce


Hy’s Steakhouse

One Lombard Place, Main Floor Richardson Building

Cajun New York Caesar $12.99
Hy’s Caesar salad topped with 4-oz Cajun seasoned New York strips grilled to perfection

Smoked Salmon Bagel $12.99
Toasted bagel with dill cream cheese, onions, lettuce, tomato and capers served with choice of side salad or seasoned French fries


Garry Street Keg
115 Garry St, 942-7619

Bacon Cheddar Burger $11.99
An 8-oz prime rib burger with mushrooms, cheddar, smoked applewood bacon, lettuce, tomato, onions and mayonnaise

Grilled Santa Fe Salad $12.99
Spicy grilled chicken, lettuce, corn, black beans, cheese and ranch dressing topped with tomatoes and crispy chips

Chicken Stir-fry $12.99
Chicken and crispy vegetables in a sweet Asian sauce served over a bed of rice


Lounge at The Fairmont
2 Lombard Place

Pasta Carbonara $12.99
Penne pasta with pancetta, cream, Parmesan and egg yolk

Beef Dip $12.99
Classic beef dip served on a freshly baked baguette served with French fries or house tossed salad


The Palm Lounge Fort Garry
222 Broadway Ave, 942-8251

Bean Chili $10.99
An assortment of beans, roasted tomato, peppers and mushrooms served with a whole wheat baguette

Greek Pita Wrap $10.99
Whole wheat pita stuffed with marinated chicken, vegetables, creamy tzatziki & feta served with a side of orzo pasta salad

Classic 8” $10.99
Margarita Pizza on whole wheat crust with buffalo mozzarella, tomato, fresh basil & drizzled with extra virgin olive oil


Pony Corral
444 St. Mary Ave, 942-4414

Montreal Smoked Beef on Rye $10.99
Enjoy a ½ pound of Montréal smoked beef on fresh rye bread served with our homemade soup of the day


Charterhouse Café and Lounge

Weekday Luncheon Buffet $9.99
Includes Chef’s Soup of the Day, Salads, Daily Entrée Special with Chef’s Choice of Vegetables and Hot Roast Beef, Carved at the Buffet.


Samurai Japanese Restaurant
330 Portage Ave, 944-0333

Beef Donburi with Assorted Tempura $11.99
Teriyaki beef with steamed rice with assorted vegetable and seafood tempura

Deluxe Sushi Combo (A or B) $12.99
A. Rainbow roll—California roll topped with assorted sashimi
Dynamite roll—tempura shrimp with avocado and tobiko
B. Tiger roll—tempura shrimp roll with boiled black tiger shrimp
California roll—avocado, imitation crab and tobiko


50 thoughts on “Let’s Do Lunch Downtown

  1. I’m a huge fan of Asian inspired cuisine, so I’ll definitely be interested in visiting Hu’s on First! FIRST! 🙂

  2. The beef tenderloin at Amici sounds amazing! But I’m a sucker for quality sushi at a great price so my first choice would have to be the deluxe sushi combo at Samurai 🙂

  3. Oh my gosh, how do I pick! It would be a toss up between pickerel at Beachcomber’s or beef tenderloin at Amici’s. Wow, all these choices. Good to know.:)

  4. Hmm… it all looks so good! I’d say either the bean chili or classic 8″pizza from The palm lounge Fort Garry. I don’t eat much meat so it’s nice seeing something more than salad offered 🙂

  5. I would really like to win the Hu’s on first card! Every time I go to the Goldeyes games it gets lost in the shuffle of all the great food that’s at the ballpark and I keep meaning to stop by and eat there!

  6. My son and I are going to muddy waters- he is determine to try their four patty, chili covered burger and a pound of fries : / I admit if he finishes it I am not sure if I will be proud or grossed out. Me I am going for their onoinrings Yum!

  7. I would definitely like to try Amici !!! The menu looks amazing and the prices are sooooo reasonable. I have heard it is very good but have never had an opportunity to try Amici’s.

  8. The ‘Pesce del Giarno’ at Amici sounds absolutely delicious. I’ve been there for dinner before, but never for lunch. I’d love to try it out, esp. now that my husband and I work downtown. 🙂

  9. The ‘Bistecca di Manzo’ at Amici sounds incredible. I’ve been there for dinner before, but never for lunch. I’d love to treat my wife (Michelle) to lunch there, esp. now that we both work downtown. 🙂

  10. Both Ground Floor and Hu’s are great restaurants, but I have never been to Amici’s so that is where I would like to go. Good to try a new place especially when it is only 2 blocks from home.

  11. I’ve never been to the Beachcomer. I’d love to try their Maple Salmon.
    A gift card for Hu’s on First would be nice. I’ve never been there and would love to try it.

  12. Definitely would love to try The Chocolate Shop again with my mom. The last time I was there I was a little girl and my mom and I had our tea leaves read.

  13. I am looking forward to trying Amici’s! The Linguine con Zucca sounds delish. But a close second would also be Modern – the menu sounds very interesting and delish!

  14. I don’t work, or live near downtown:( so on my day off I am going to make a point of checking out ‘EAST INDIA COMPANY’ for a carb friendly chicken sizzler and vegetables nothing like ringing in the spring with veggies 🙂

  15. I wish I was closer to the forks at lunch becasue I would go to each place there! So I am going to try out the Pony Corral and Samurai first. 🙂

  16. Too bad I don’t work in downtown, but I’m very interested to try Modern east African tapas restaurant! It will be my destination this weekend!!!

  17. 4 Play Sports Bar

    Would love to try a new place to eat my hubby loves burgers and i love wraps. We are still fairly new to city. So it would be a place to check out.

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