Hunger strikes

Menus have now been posted for Let’s Do Lunch Downtown! Click on over to see what our 21 fabulous restaurants have to offer. You’ll see there are two categories: the more than $10 lunch specials and the less than $10 ones.

I’m also pleased to announce the winners of our next round of gift cards.

WOW! Hospitality (for use at Muddy Waters or Finn’s Pub): Melissa

Chocolate Shop: Steven

Pony Corral: Sarah

But we’re not done yet. Today I’ve got another gift card for The Keg Downtown ($50).

To enter, leave a comment below. You can leave your email address in the form and it will not be shared.

You’ve got until Friday at 9am to enter.

The Keg Downtown
115 Garry Street,  942-7619

The Keg is always a crowd pleaser with perfectly-cooked steaks, scrumptious seafood and a chic atmosphere. It also boasts one of downtown’s best patios (I’m sure patio weather is right around the corner too!) Until the beginning of May they’ve also got their Dungeness crab festival going on with offerings like sirloin and crab cakes and crab served with nothing but delicious melted butter to dip in to.

From the regular menu, I always am a fan of the mushrooms neptune that come simmered in a delectable cream cheese sauce. I also love the pecan sirloin that comes topped with chopped nuts and crumbled goat cheese. (Cheese makes everything even more delicious.) Of course, these guys are experts in the perfect grill, so you can request that steak well done or blue rare and be sure it’s going to come out just right. (Me? I like a good rare slab on my plate.)



And some other restaurants participating in Let’s Do Lunch Downtown:

Boston Pizza cityplace
cityplace Mall, 925-4109

Another favourite that’s sure to please the whole family is Boston Pizza. This well-known chain offers up pizza, salads, pastas and sandwiches. My favourite thing to eat there is and always will be the spicy perogy pizza. I love it both for its nod to Winnipeg’s roots and for it’s absolute sinfulness. A crispy crust comes spread with sour cream and topped with sliced potatoes. It’s then finished off with bacon, cheese, green onions and another dollop of sour cream. It’s sort of to die for.

Other favourites are the baked seven cheese ravioli (how do they get so many in there?) and Boston brute sandwich, a deli style sandwich loaded with Genoa salami, pepperoni, smoked ham, pizza mozzarella, onion and pizza sauce.


Shannon’s Irish Pub
175 Carlton Street, 943-2302

Named after the Shannon River in Ireland, this authentic Irish Pub is one of the city’s best places for casual drinks, live music and winding down after a long week. Big TV screens blast soccer and various other sports all day long and happy hour is every Monday through Thursday from 3pm-6pm, Friday from 11am-6pm, Saturday 3pm-7pm and all day Sunday. Sundays the pub offers free pool and every Tuesday is wing night. Just $0.25 each!

49 thoughts on “Hunger strikes

  1. I would LOVE to take my partner out for drinks at Shannon’s Irish Pub. Having been to Ireland, would be neat to compare what an Irish pub here is like!

  2. I would love to go for lunch at The Keg with my sister…she deserves it after working hard and moving, and being sick for almost a month

  3. Is Boston Pizza an option? I’d love to win a gift card for Boston pizza.

    If this is only for the Keg, I’d love to try it!

  4. I live in southern manitoba and would love to be come familiar with downtown winnipeg. May I have the Boston Pizza gift card?

  5. I would love to try the Keg, I’ve only ever been once and that was back when I was younger and more of a picky eater. The sounds of that food makes my mouth water!

  6. would definitely try The Keg! I have heard good things about it. Mushroom and cream cheese sound like a perfect combination!

  7. Darn! too late for this one. Would have loved to win for the Keg gift certificate! They’re one of my fav restaurants

  8. peggy your list of lunch specials looks delicious. I believe that I will begin my journey at the forks. The beachcomber is one of my favorite restaurants, especially in summer time with the outdoor patio. The maple salmon sounds exquisite. I am looking forward to trying it. Thank you for the information on all the deals available. Good luck to everyone yet everyone will be a winner when they go out for lunch

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