Heading to the Tea Party

Next week, Wonderland makes its world premier debut at the Centennial Concert Hall. I am so excited about this show. Alice in Wonderland has been super hot lately, and I know that the RWB’s version won’t disappoint.

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to partake in a rehearsal of the show where I snapped a few photos. I love the way the dancers move and it’s so interesting to hear them discuss all the details that, we, the audience don’t really appreciate.

Once it hits the stage, every step, every toe, every movement is perfect, but it was obvious just how much work goes into making it look effortless.

One of my favourite moments was when lead choreographer, Shawn Hounsell, offered some sage advice from when he went to mime school in Paris in the 60s (How many people can start a sentence with that? Like six?), where he said one should always enter a scene on an “up” note. I think that’s advice anyone can use.

I also feel it necessary to point out an awesome event happening after the show on Friday. The Glitterati Mad Tea Party, happens right on the stage at the concert hall. There you’ll get appetizers and cupcakes and get to mingle with the dancers. Costumes are encouraged, so it’s going to be an awesome night. Visit this link for more info.

3 thoughts on “Heading to the Tea Party

    1. “I’d like to have 4, but we’ll see what comes with 1.” Then I had 1 and I knew I wanted ahtnoer. Then I had 2 and I know I want ahtnoer. Not yet, but maybe in the next year. So, I’d like to have 4 but we’ll see what 3 brings. And so I love that you had made a decision about something, but now living your life, you’ve changed that decision. That is amazing! Sending all my happy, lucky, good fortune fertility vibes your way.

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