Pamper Yourself

Every girl loves a day at the salon. Who doesn’t want to be plucked and pampered a little? I’m a complete sucker for a new haircut or manicure and recently, I’ve fallen in love withย Vixin Salon & Beauty Bar.

This adorable warehouse space is home to one of the city’s newest full service salons where they offer up everything from cuts and colouring, to hair extensions, to pedicures, to makeup application to waxing and facials. They also have an awesome selection of jewellery.

As you can see, the place is uber chic and it’s the only place in Winnipeg there they have freestylist blowdryers–basically they hang from the ceiling and your stylist just reaches up and grabs it when she’s ready. Apparently it’s good for ergonomics. Who knew such a thing even existed?

The staff here is extremely friendly as well. In fact, owner Ashley says they pride themselves on being really open and welcoming to visitors.

Vixin is also giving away a really awesome prize to readers of Downtown Peggy!

One lucky winner will be treated to a cut, colour and style as well as a free manicure and pedicure ($300 value)!

There is also a second place prize of a pedicure for you and a friend. (I know I always ask this, but will you take me if you win?)

To enter, leave a comment on this post telling me how you like to pamper yourself.

Don’t forget to leave a way for me to contact you! (You can enter your email in the comment form–it will be kept private.)

Contest closes March 18.

75 thoughts on “Pamper Yourself

  1. I love to pamper myself by sleeping in, going shopping, getting a treatment at a spa and then going out for dinner. A full on girl day!

  2. I like to pamper myself faithfully every 4 weeks with a nail fill, pedicure, waxing and color. Nothing beats the relaxing feeling of having someone else do these things for me (especially when my esthetician moved away and my 2 ‘boys’ at home just couldn’t understand my complaining about having to cut and paint my own nails and use a razor *shudder*, lol)

  3. I pamper myself by relaxing. I have three jobs, and spending time with my equally busy boyfriend, a bottle of wine, and a couple movies is the ultimate pampering indulgence. Going to the spa never hurts either ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Pampering myself involves a relaxing moment, either with a good friend or a good book getting myself all prettied up or treated to a manicure/pedicure or massage. All things I don’t have time for on a regular basis or even have anything close to talent to be able to do! Adding some chocolate or some wine in there doesn’t hurt either ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I love getting beautified for a special event and planning a day of pampering for myself!! Like on my birthday for example: I got a mani/pedi, a delicious lunch, hair cut/color and style, followed by a makeup application! I felt like a little starlet, it was amazing!! Can’t wait to have another ‘starlet’ day again ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I love getting pampered and I LOVE VIXIN!!!! The girls are great, and it is a beautiful space in which to get beautified. I will TOTALLY take you if I win; I always enjoy your blog and it would be fun to meet you ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Pamper myself… what was that?!
    It has been a long time since I’ve done that. I guess… working a full time and having a toddler makes me forget to pamper myself.

  8. Massages! There is nothing better than going for a massage (especially at Ten Spa) and just relaxing. It doesn’t happen very often, but when I do go, its amazing.

  9. Pampering for me equals: Friday night, Cup of tea, Say Yes to the Dress and early to sleep. Hey! You have to take care of yourself, and that’s what I call pampering. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I’m a big sucker for spa days. a new hair colour and cut. I probably cut/colour my hair WAY too often.
    I just love the time to be me and feel amazing.

    I would definitely take you for a pedicure Peggy!


  11. I treat myself every 3 months to an afternoon of Sushi and pedicures with a friend. We would love to try Vixin ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. I love getting away to one of the spas. If I have the luxury of time, I’ll steal away for a whole afternoon of Hamam at the Ten or massage at the Riverstone. If I need a quick escape I’ll head out for a nice pedicure, facial or paraffin manicure.

  13. When I get the chance, I love to pamper myself by going to the spa for a massage. I really enjoy spending time relaxing with no distractions (phone, internet, work, family, friends, etc).

    Thank you very much to Downtown Peggy and Vixin Salon & Beauty Bar for this opportunity to win such a valuable prize. I’ve never actually had a professional mani or a pedi, but would absolutely love to try out Vixin – it just might be a new-found favourite for my girlfriends and I. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. I pamper myself, along with my husband, by first, getting a sitter. Then we go for a couples massage, get our nails done (my husband secretly loves getting his pedicures!), then going for lunch and sometimes a movie if time allows. It’s a truly special time we spend together since we’re often apart for months at a time.

  15. I would love to pamper myself through a spa, but it’s too expensive for a student’s budget.
    I pamper myself by sleeping in, reading a book on the couch with a cuppa chai tea and then I Pamper myself through homemade facial, pedicure and manicure. I also like to do nothing at all…sometime not doing anything at all is the best time spent in a busy and hectic schedule.

  16. I love having a facial and neck massage; also a pedi. So relaxing and it sure makes you feel glamorous having somebody take care of you for a change!

  17. I love to pamper my self with a long relaxing bubble bath with bath bombs from luch and a nice glass of wine, a mani pedi is always great when I have the time, I can’t even remember the last time I have gone for one thou lol.

  18. I like to pamper myself by soaking in a hot tub, with a handful of sea salts, some essential oil, a cup of tea nearby, a candle burning, and a good book in my hand (doesn’t matter if the pages get a bit damp!) It’s even better if my “Max cat” plops himself down on the bathroom floor and purrs, while my huge poochie waits patiently for me to emerge…just outside the door. After all, when furry creatures choose to spend time with you, isn’t that a blessing in and of itself?

  19. Hey, I’d love to give this prize as a gift to my mom who deserves a little pampering in her life for all her hard work! Mother’s Day is just around the corner too.

  20. My favorite thing to do to pamper myself is to have a large french vanilla capuccino from Tim’s, and a current InStyle magazine while getting a pedicure… I’m in total heaven….

  21. For me, there’s nothing like a day at the spa that includes a facial, a pedicure, and relaxation massage. Pleasant spa music in the background and people speaking in muted tones. All while sipping an herbal tea and taking in all the smells of the spa. Ahhh…

  22. How I pamper myself? I focus my energy on ‘me’ for the day. Whether that is a hot bubble bath, a glass of red wine with a good book or just a long run where my mind can take me anywhere I need to be.

    I don’t get out to the ‘spa’ very often….but when I do I focus all my mental energy in rejuvenating and revitalizing my well being and appreciate the moments that I’m thankful for in my life.

  23. I don’t usually take time to pamper myself – if I won this I would like to treat my two daughters – One who is working very very long hours right now and the other who just had a baby a few weeks ago…they both could use a little pampering!

  24. When I need pampering, it usually means I need friendship and a bit of luxury or indulgence. This calls for Supper Club! I get together with four close girlfriends from high school, and we talk the night away at a new restaurant. It’s the best form of pampering – good soul food and good soul conversation.

  25. A pedicure is definitely my favourite form of pampering. Especially in the winter, when
    I need a reminder that someday it will be above zero and I’ll be able to wear sandals again!
    Vixin looks intriguing & I’d love to check it out.

  26. AAAHHH………..a scalp massage feels divine,
    some cranberry punch without the wine,
    soulful music can make you feel fine,
    and finally a little place from which to dine.

    Love your Blog, Peggy!!

    Pamper, pamper, pamper,
    Dru :>)

  27. Getting a mani/pedi is always a great way to pamper myself! If I were rich, though, I would hire someone to do my hair EVERY DAY. What a treat!

  28. I like to pamper myself by sitting back with a nice glass of wine, fire blazing, let all the work stress melt away-and just enjoy the small things in life.

  29. My student budget and schedule certainly don’t allow me to pamper myself with spa visits, so my (albeit rare) version consists of trading my textbooks for a book of my own choosing, a dimly lit bath with some Lush products, and a nice cup of tea with honey. More often, though, pampering consists of baking something great on a study break and enjoying the yield afterwards! Yum!

  30. I love to do the whole thing at the hair dressers – mani/pedi and a hair cut and style. That is my idea of a full pampering. The other thing I love is a relaxing massage. Having a movie and dinner date with my hubby or with friends is also my idea of fun.

  31. Oh my…I never pamper myself! It would be exquisite to do so…why do so many of us women look after ourselves last, if at all? I’m 55 & never had this done…it’s time!

  32. As a college student I spend a lot of time studying, so whenever I have time off, I like to pamper myself by having a glass of wine, a hot bubble and lying on the couch with a good movie!

  33. I have never been to a spa but I imagine that it would be very pampering! Usually I buy something nice for myself or my loved ones when I have an extra dollar to spend! Life ain’t cheap.
    P.S I’ll bring you!!

  34. I like to pamper myself with a night in, a couple glasses of a half decent red, some cheese, fresh bread and a good book.

  35. I pamper myself occasionally – when I can afford it with a massage and/or pedicure. So relaxing!! Otherwise, reading a good book – especially outdoors once it’s nice out – is a good way to relax.

  36. Pampering = comfy pair of pajama’s and a big mug of hot chocolate! I rarely splurge on spa services–even then it’s just a basic manicure–as I see them as luxuries so it would be nice to take in the full spa experience! Thanks for your consideration! ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. I would love to win a makeover! What woman doesn’t enjoy being pampered! I know I would enjoy a style update and a day spent on enjoying myself!

    Being a mom of 2 busy kids and taking care of a husband and home is a lot of work. Not a lot of time for myself!

    This would be an opportunity for such a date! Thanks for my entry!

  38. I consider pampering myself when someone else brushes my hair or runs their fingers through it. It is just so relaxing and pleasurable, that I close my eyes and think of absolutely nothing else. ahhhh…..

  39. Honestly…with having 2 kids who are always running here and there, my idea of pampering myself is eating a hot meal. Ha Ha.

  40. To be quite honest, how I like to pamper myself is to simply stay home and get some sleep. As a new university graduate I can finally say that I am getting adequate sleep!

    So with that said, I think if I won this, it would be the first “real” pampering I’ll ever have!

  41. I have never had a professional mani/pedi and have been through a rough retail season (I manage a store in Portage Place) and would love a new look and a nice hands for spring!

  42. I pamper myself by sleeping in, going for brunch and then, as a special treat, getting a massage or a mani/pedi. Life is good when I get days like those:)

  43. I would pamper myself by getting a pedicure. They’re my favorite and when I had a job I would get them all the time.

    I’m now a full-time student who is unemployed (not by choice), fallen on bad times and money is non-existent. I will be graduating in June with a BA in Criminology and a pedicure would be an excellent reward for me. If I won the pedicure for me and a friend, I would take my best friend… she’s always been there for me and I would like to thank her for it.

  44. I like to relax at home with a good bottle of wine. I’ve also recently rediscovered how wonderful a good massage makes me feel! I have heard such great things about Vixin, will have to try them for a pedicure when sandal weather returns.

  45. I pamper myself by being outside with nature. A silent and slow walk by the river, or trudging my own path to sit on a snow covered bench in an empty park do so much for my spirit and mind.

    Many spas work hard to bring nature inside for a reason.

  46. i like to pamper myself by going to a spa and getting either a massage or a facial! i also love colouring my hair! this would be perfect for me ๐Ÿ™‚

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