I (heart) cityplace

I kind of really love cityplace, and I seem to spend gobs of time (and money) there during my day.

Of course, it’s not without just cause–I can get everything I need in one spot. Tres convenient.

Let’s see there’s:

1. Coles bookstore where I am physically unable to to walk by without picking something off their bargain rack and buying it.

2. The CIBC bank where I go to deposit my pay cheque every other week and do those other things grown ups are supposed to do.

3. The MLCC where I pick up my requisite bottle of wine before the weekend starts.

4. Best Shoe Repair where I am forever going because I have a knack for breaking heels.

5. Samosa Hut where I’m kind of addicted to their… samosas.

6. The Line Up, where I’m kind of addicted to everything… especially the fish and chips and the fried ice cream.

7. Ricki’s, where I proceed immediately after depositing said pay cheque. A girl always needs to keep her look current.

8. Urban Wellness Centre where they offer lunch time aerobics classes in a beautiful gym.

9. Rexall Pharma Plus where I can’t resist lotions and bubble baths because I am a complete sucker for good packaging.

10. And finally, there’s the Lottery Centre. One day I will win. One day.

You can love cityplace too! Follow them on Facebook and enter to win a trip to New York City!  (You can also follow them on Twitter.)

For each entry they receive they are donating $1.00 to the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Manitoba during the month of February. Grand prize includes a trip for 2 to New York & $500 in spending money! Contest closes Feb 28.

And you could also win $500 if you give them a hand and fill out their survey.

See you in the food court!

4 thoughts on “I (heart) cityplace

  1. Hi Peggy, I would love to try the spaghetti factory for lunch, please enter me in the draw, Julie Gervino, 360-5080.

    1. That would be going to my first game ever when I was 12 to see the Jets take on Wayne Gretzky and the LA Kings. Even though we were in the nose bedels I was so excited to see hockey live. I was there with my friend and his mom and after the game we got some autographs from some of the player after the game. A close second would be when they announced that the Jets were coming back to were they belonged on my birthday. Best birthday gift ever!

    2. Jonathan is absolutely right about how folks in other cueurtls tend to focus more on relationships than we in America typically do. I knew Jonathan and his wife Debbie (assuming it’s the same Jonathan and Debbie Crocker!) when my wife Mary and I were serving with Wycliffe Bible Translators and living in Long Crendon, England in the late 1980s. I think of the many folks whose paths I’ve crossed over the years among them Jonathan and Debbie but with whom I’m no longer in touch, because I got caught up over time with the pressures of the moment rather than with the people God had brought into my life. Glad I ran across your blog hopefully Mary and I can reconnect with Jonathan and Debbie as a result. Thank you, Mark, for touching the lives of the people of Bulgaria, and for offering a forum for your readers to touch the lives of others as well. I can be reached at rusty dot richards at gmail dot com.

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