Adventures in Space

Rocket to the moon at the Manitoba Museum and their newest exhibit–Cosmomania: The Incredible Space Adventure.

Travel through 50 years of space history from the first satellites (they’re surprisingly small) to the moon landing. Volunteer actors will even help you get in the spirit as you walk through a Soviet Union apartment in 1961 when their first man went in space to a 1969 apartment in New York when Apollo landed on the moon.

Each apartment is decorated with the technology of the time and you can listen to recordings of what people might have said as the space race went on. Also on display is a replica of the Mars Pathfinder and Canada’s first satellite–the Alouette. Did you know Canada was the third nation in space after the US and the Soviet Union? Yah, neither did I.

The exhibit also compares what else was going on in the world during these major space events. It’s fun to see what movies and music were in the day Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. There are also interactive features where you can take your photo inside a space helmet or astronauts suit.

Cosmomania runs until April 17 at the Manitoba Museum.


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