Lessons in Charcoal

Okay, I’ve decided to stop being shy and share some of my “art” with you.

Week three of my art class at the Winnipeg Art Gallery was even more fun than the first two. This week we delved into the world of charcoal. The “pencils” are actually branches of willow tree that have been treated to give off pigment. They kind of look like magic wands… and I couldn’t help but feel a little like Harry Potter when I using them. (I couldn’t make anything levitate though… yes, I tried.)

We also used watercolour paper as the teacher said regular paper doesn’t have enough “tooth” to hold the charcoal properly. The paper is so thick and creamy and lovely, I almost felt guilty marring it with my feeble attempts at creation. However the teacher denuded me of that notion, saying, “you’re using the paper for its intended purpose–don’t be scared of that.”

Okay, so I decided to let go and embrace it. She placed the objects on the table, including this rather Medusa-like pot with several snaky arms. It was great fun trying to make that look realistic. I got so lost in the activity that time flew by–I swear this is more relaxing than a massage (although a little harder on the back).

So this is what I did–please be nice. I’m fragile.

One day this will be worth millions.



3 thoughts on “Lessons in Charcoal

  1. You can find me on twitter and facebook. Let’s see-the drawing you have achieved the roundness of the pot make darker tones would be exciting or a very black backround and leave the lighter tones the whiteness of the paper but perhaps that is a later lesson- from a former highschool art teacher and artist Have fun! 🙂 Keep on going.

  2. Was thinking of taking this course, but I had a trip planned and didn’t want to miss any classes. I think I’ll try to register for the spring session. Nice work. Looking forward to seeing more!


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