Kismet Lunch

I love the Line Up. You probably love the Line Up. If you haven’t been to the Line Up, then you must go lineup at the Line Up. (Sorry couldn’t resist.)

Anyways, the Line Up is an awesome little spot on the first floor of cityplace that serves up pita wraps, stir frys, soup, fish and chips, awesome fries and salads. They also have the best Mexican fried ice cream in town–seriously, go try and I defy you to disagree with me. They also have a second location in the Exchange District.

The Line Up boasts one of my  favourite fish and chip plates in the city–although plate is a loose term since it comes cleverly served in a cardboard cone designed to look like newspaper–but you get what I mean.  They use beer batter made with Fort Garry Dark and the result is a crunchy, flavourful crust that you won’t be able to get enough of.

I also love their curry fries. They come topped with cheese and their own special curry sauce in a sort of east-meets-west version of poutine. Absolutely to die for.

Today I had the butter chicken stir fry which was awesome. It comes packed with noodles and veggies all cooked right before your eyes with tender chunks of chicken and a rich and creamy sauce.

I also had the most amazing red velvet cupcake courtesty of Cakeology. It turns out the Line Up just started selling them yesterday… was it a coincidence that this where I ended up for lunch today? It was like kismet, as though the cupcake gods were guiding me. They also have cakettes–basically little balls of cakey heaven smothered in buttercream and dipped in chocolate. Yah, it’s even better than it sounds.

They’ve also started selling cinnamon buns from Tall Grass Prairie Bakery, and if you’ve been around, you know these things are legendary. Without a doubt one of, if not the best, cinnamon bun you’ll ever have.

You can eat in or take out, but get there early because it’s very popular with the lunch crowds.

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