Don’t miss this encounter

Last night I had the pleasure of attending MTC’s newest production–Brief Encounters–the story of two star-crossed lovers who spend a brief moment together before they must go their separate ways. It’s a tale full of humour, silliness and romance all wrapped up with lots of really great shoes. (I’m always a sucker for historical costumes.)

I wouldn’t call this a musical per se–it’s a play with lots of music in it. Playsical? Whatever it is, it’s all a lot of fun. The music includes that of Noel Coward, as well as some classic pieces (including one of my all time favourites, Rachmaninov’s Piano Concerto No.2)

Laura and Alec are two strangers, both married to other people, whose chance meeting changes both their lives. Every Thursday they meet, while love takes over and guilt gets in the way. The story is based of the 1945 film, which was based on Coward’s one-act play Still Life. I admit, I’ve never seen the original movie, but from what I understand, MTC’s take on it is very different.

The production itself is extremely lively and is packed full of laughs. One of my favourite scenes involved a pair of dogs (pictured) and some perfectly sarcastic wit that you’ll have to see for yourself. It had the audience roaring with laughter. My favourite character, or characters as it were, was actress Rachel Aberle who takes on several roles with an over-the-top-enthusiasm that I found utterly charming.

A lot of the story is actually told through film, and there is a pretty cool effect where the actors appear to actually walk from the stage and into the screen and vice versa. It was all very mind-bending.

Brief Encounters runs until Jan 29 and tickets can be purchased through their box office or by calling 942-6537.




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