Secret Santa #6

It’s time for the final installment of Peggy’s Secret Santa! This week’s winner is Randy and he was nominated by his friend Linda, who had this to say about him:

Randy is an avid volunteer!  His desire to help and serve others is outstanding!  Although a retiree, Randy is known to be “up and at it by 6:30 a.m.” (sometimes earlier) and goes strong all day.

For CityConnexions, Randy assists immigrants/refugees transition into a new country.  Sometimes, he is the “welcoming committee” who personally picks them up at the airport.  He helps them find employment.  He picks up  donated items (furniture,household items, etc)and delivers the goods to their places of abode.  These are just a few examples.

For Samaritan’s Purse, Randy plays a pivotal role in promoting Operation Christmas Child and encouraging others to get involved.  Annually, he hosts a “neighbourhood shoe box packing party”, and also engages church and community folk to do the same.  Because of Randy’s efforts, 3,747 shoe boxes were filled this year for children aged 2-14!!  Shoe boxes are then delivered to countries ravaged by war, famine, extreme poverty, disease and natural disaster.

Randy is very deserving of Peggy’s Secret Santa.  Daily, he enriches the fabric of society by what he does for others.  If you ever have the opportunity to meet Randy and hear him share some of his real life stories, he will leave a lasting imprint in your heart!

Randy really did leave a lasting impression on my heart. He was so grateful for his nomination and kept telling me how he does these things because he loves to do them. I explained that’s exactly why he deserved this gift.

He was also completely overwhelmed by his gift. Throughout the process I’ve been touched by how happy all of my winners have been. I think it’s the people who give the most who are usually the most grateful for what they get.

Randy told me his wish was for “everyone to discover the joy of volunteerism.” I think that’s a really nice thought.

A little birdie told me that Randy is a huge Timmies fan, so I had to fulfill that by picking up a gift pack and gift card from Tim Hortons at the corner of Portage and Vaughn for him. He told me he actually has a collection of Tim’s paraphernalia going and he didn’t have these holiday mugs yet.

Thank you again to everyone who participated in Peggy’s Secret Santa. It has been so wonderful meeting all of my winners—each and every one of them has touched my life in a positive way and I know they are out there right now doing what they do best.

Merry Christmas everyone.

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