Zuper Zellers

In honour of the worst blog title ever, here are a few pics I took at the new Downtown Zellers that recently opened up in the basement of the Bay. The new store looks great—I especially love the revamped grocery store. Be sure to check it out when you get a chance. (It’s a great spot to do that last minute Christmas shopping too!)

Mmm.... market cafe. I know where I'll be having lunch on a regular basis.

Eat your veggies!
Fresh and new! I love it.
Everything you need...
Pajamas for those on Santa's nice list...
And for those on his naughty one.
Presents for kids young and old...
and princesses.


2 thoughts on “Zuper Zellers

  1. thanks for the posting. As a single mom working full time, time is always an issue. I like having the research done for me, this looks like a great resource for those of us working downtown. No need to dash to grant park over lunch hour anymore!

  2. So much for the Downtown Zellers 😦 Now that Target has bought Zellers stores I imagine this location will be gone in a year (it’s not like HBC will let Target move in downstairs, it would kill the Downtown Bay). Now what is the Bay going to do with that building? What a shame. I feel sorry for all those employees.

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