Shopping, shopping and more shopping

Oh yes, it’s shopping season out there and I am having a great time.

On Saturday, I spent the day at The Forks market and managed to get a whole bunch of people crossed off my list. I picked up some beautiful handmade art for my mom from Pulse Gallery, a 3,000 piece puzzle for my dad from Kite and Kaboodle (which is actually kind of a gift for mom too since it keeps him out of her hair), Lego for my little brother and tons of chocolate and candy for stockings.

View from The Forks Market tower on Saturday afternoon

To help you with your shopping, there is a neat promotion going on called Boutique Week and there are a few great downtown shops participating. They’re all offering up some great promotions to make holiday shopping even more fun! Here’s a run down of what’s on offer:

Millennium Library
From goofy to glam, loopy to literary, Best of Friends has an amazing choice of gifts for everyone on your shopping list. Board games, mugs, journals and lots of unique locally made jewelry are featured. Stop in for a Christmas cookie and see what’s new!

300 Memorial Blvd
Shop for beautiful unique gifts all week long and enter to win a draw for a family WAG membership, a variety pack of art publications and a special giftware item!

The Fort Garry Hotel
Treat yourself and your loved ones to holiday bliss! For every $200 in product or gift certificates purchased during Boutique Week, your name will be entered into a draw to win our exclusive overnight Spa and Yoga Package for 10 people valued at $1,590 ($159 per person). Call or see website for details

Gift with purchase event for all customers during Boutique Week! Any purchase over $25 made at any of our 20 retailers in the Forks Market will receive a free gift!

And, of course, the Pledge to Shop Downtown is still going full steam ahead. Last week we gave away a $100 gift card to Portage Place and this week we’ve got gift cards for Mountain Equipment Co-op and Winnipeg Square. Visit our Facebook page and become a fan to learn how to win!

(PS-Next week, I’m going to also have gift cards from The Forks Market and Riverstone Spa.)


I have prizes! I have a pair of tickets for the RWB’s performance of the Nutcracker on Boxing Day. If you’d like to win them, just become a subscriber at and you’re automatically entered to win.

To subscribe, enter your email address in the right sidebar of this site. If you’re already a subscriber, then you’ve already been entered. Draw is December 15.

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